Atty. Rivera tells critics not to use ignominy & ignorance to blame this on President Duterte & China, not to start hating on the Chinese, we have OFWs in HK, China


An apparently annoyed Atty. Bruce Rivera has taken to social media to asked people if they are putting the blame on President Duterte for the entry of the 2019 NCOV in the country.

Rivera specifically addressed the response to the buraot or annoying people who said that NCOV 2019 is now in the country because the President did not issue a ban of Chinese traveler to the Philippines for their enlightenment by stating several facts.

Yung mga buraot na nagsasabi na kaya may NCOV 2019 sa bansa dahil hindi nagban ng Chinese travellers to the Philippines and blames PRD should know:

First, the Chinese who tested positive arrived in the Philippines last January 21, 2020, before the Chinese New Year. That was before China even decided to lock down Wuhan. That was even before the US and Canada issued the order to ban air travel.

The Chinese who tested positive came to the country last January 21, 2020. It was before the Chinese New Year. It was before China even decided to lock down Wuhan. It was before the US and Canada decided to ban air travels. It was before immunologists discovered that this kind of Corona virus is contagious even if asymptomatic.

In other words, it would not have mattered even if President Duterte ordered the ban on the same time the US did, because the virus entered the country on January 21.

So, it would not have mattered if we ban Chinese tourists the same time the US did, it would not have made a difference kasi nakapasok na ang virus nung January 21 pa.

Rivera said if the critics want to start finger-pointing game in relation to NCOV 2019, at least they should have basis. Rivera reasoned that it is hard to ban flights because it would also mean that the Filipinos based in China will be affected.

Kung gusto ninyong manisi sa NCOV 2019, sana naman may basehan. Kasi kaya mahirap magban ng flights kasi it would also mean na madadamay din ang mga Pinoy na hindi din makakauwi.

Rivera stated that this is not biological warfare that China is methodically using its people to infect the world. Even the Chinese government are making steps to discourage foreign trips.

Hindi naman ito biological warfare that China is intentionally letting its people infect the world. Sila din mismo ay gumagawa ng paraan to discourage foreign travel. Again, will not matter kasi January 21, nasa bansa na ang virus. Kahit inunahan pa ng Pinas ang lahat sa pagban ng travel of Chinese nationals, nakapasok pa din ang virus regardless.

Rivera warned the Filipinos not to start hating on the Chinese people and think that we have many OFWs based in China and Hong Kong. Rivera agreed that some Chinese are not well-behaved but he turned the spotlight on the Filipinos by urging them to have introspection and tell him if they are also ideal tourist.

And before you go all hating on the Chinese people, sana isipin natin na madaming tayong OFW sa China at HK. Oo, hindi well-behaved ang mga Chekwa pero tingnan niyo mga ugali ninyo at sabihin mo sa sarili mo kung tayo ba ay ideal na tourist din.

Rivera’s message is simple – don’t use ignorance to blame this on President Duterte and China. According to him, this is not the time for playing the finger-pointing game. He joked that the last thing people do is expose one;s finger, keep it clean so that he or she won’t get the virus.

My point is simple: do not use your ignominy and ignorance to blame this on President Duterte and China. This is not the time for finger-pointing. If you are really using your head, the last thing you want to do is expose your finger. Keep it clean so the virus will not find its way to your system.

Rivera said that when the crisis is over and we have the facts, that’s the time to complain if indeed they have reason.

Pagkatapos ng crisis at alam na natin ang lahat ng facts, dun na kayo magtalak kung talagang may dahilan.

Rivera remarked that this is no time to panic. The time to panic, Rivera said in jest, is when you know that your math, science, reading and logic competencies. He said that is more scary than the virus.

No time for panic. Kasi dapat nuon ka pa nagpanic…nung nalaman mo ang reading, math, science and logic competencies mo. Mas nakakatakot yun kesa virus na ito.

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Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera

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