Atty. Rivera’s prayer for the destabilizers: If you continue to destabilize, may God give you your just rewards

On Facebook, the eloquent Atty. Bruce Rivera posted an open letter addressed to the people whom he called the ‘destabilizers’ not the opposition.

Rivera refused to call these people the opposition because real opposition respects the democratic process and will not undermine a duly-elected President.

“When you spread lies through a paid media and poison the international community, when you use money to silence pro-government bloggers forced to return to cyberspace because of the incessant attacks to democracy, when you constantly threaten impeachment using the institutions you have conveniently latched on for so long thereby sowing uncertainty to the detriment of legitimate business, you have no right to be called the opposition,”
the visibly angry Rivera wrote.

“It is an insult to all the honorable men who oppose institutions if I will call you one. You are enemies of Philippine democracy. You do not even deserve our compassion,” Rivera lashed at the destabilizers. Hmm…. You know who you are!

At the peak of Rivera’s emotional outburst, he cautioned the destabilizers about divine wrath, nah, he will pray to God for their just rewards.

“And if you continue to destabilize, may God give you your just rewards. And yes, I am pleading directly to God because it seems the CBCP has taken your side. Because I do not want our President to be forced to declare martial law and take your bait.”

Let us check out the comments of netizens and see their reaction, shall we?

Ram Sayas commented: “Atty, I agree with these. At the back of my mind, the anti duterte folks are indeed leveling up their game in provoking our president to declare martial law. Maybe thats the right term for them, destabilizers.”

Emil Magsino remarked: “Yup, this is not healthy politics anymore, it is the presidency that they’re up to. at ginagawa nila to kundi pra maisalba ang mga sarili s mga darating n panahon. sobra n tlaga, ndi n cla nkakatuwa, kinain n cla ng kasakiman at pgkagahaman.”

Emil Jerome Bichara said: “What they are doing is Economic Sabotage at the expense of the Filipinos aspiring to have a progressive and decent life. Theses Destabilizers have become excessively indulgent!!!”

Liezel Douglas shared her sentiment: “Our country is supposedly known as the best example for democracy but look how this woman trying to deprive us from this freedom.. Why can’t she accept the fact that millenials are way smarter than her..😍😍 don’t worry Leni karma knows ur address ang she’s coming to visit u soon.. All u have to do is to patiently wait.. Coz karma is as bitch as u😆😆😆”

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