Atty. Topacio to Regine Belmonte following her rant against Mocha Uson: “So to you, “truth” is proprietary? And confined to one family?”


Mam I’m sorry if you don’t like me. Ako po ay HINDI JOURNALIST and I don’t deserve to be part of your Family’s Newspaper at isa sa natutunan ko po sa buhay ay eto , “all come from dust, and to dust all return”. Hindi po ako kapit tuko sa kahit ano mang bagay, tao o kalalagayan sa buhay. At kung nais po ng pamunuan ng Philippine Star na ako po ay hindi magtuloy I WILL STILL BE GRATEFUL for being considered to write and express the cry of the ordinary people. I will not have any bitternes towards you and the paper because your family owns it. Salamat po. God bless you and your family.

This is the message of Mocha Uson in response to the elitist and condescending remark of Regine Belmonte following the news the former is writing a column for the family’s newspaper.

According to the screenshot of the tweet of the Regine Belmonte, daughter of Rep. Belmonte, which has been  shared on Mocha Uson’s Blog, she was quoted…

Are we seriously getting that reprehensible human being as a columnist??? Why are we giving garbage a bigger platform to mislead the country?

Regina Belmonte expresses no regret for her earlier tweet that shook the twitter world…

I just took a nap and woke up to Mocha Uson having a column in our newspaper? WHAT THE FUCK? I just sent my dad this text. Not sorry at all.

She tweeted Mocha Uson runs counter to what her Lola stood for —  ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL’


She said she has never more disappointed in her life than being a colleague of Mocha Uson in the PhilStar.

I’m so angry and so disappointed I’m fucking crying. I have never been more disappointed in my life. My God.

Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio chided Regina Belmonte following her tweet that the  Star  was founded with the ‘TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL’ UNDER ITS MASTHEAD” and having Mocha Uson peddling lies in it is a disgrace to her Lola’s memory.

So to you, “truth” is proprietary? And confined to one family? Pardon me, but I find that exceedingly odd…

Netizen identified as Rumel B. Madamba wants Mocha Uson to rethink her decision of joining the PhilStar and wrote:

Kindly reconsider your decision to join that garbage of a newspaper, Ms. Uson. They need you more than you need them. And to hell with that person who called you reprehensible(it is she that is reprehensible and a sorry excuse of a human being). As for a wider platform, yours has a far wider reach than philstar and even inquirer and rappler combined. Most of us who follow you on your blog would be happier if you just concentrated your efforts here. PLEASE JUST STAY AS A BLOGGER…THAT PAPER AND ITS PEOPLE WILL JUST USE YOU TO BOOST THEIR DWINDLING CIRCULATION.

What can you say about Regine Belmonte’s tweet to Mocha?  Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

Source: Twitter


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