Atty. Trixie, netizens answer popular question whether Enchong Dee’s public apology absolves him from libel?

Kapamilya actor Enchong Dee deleted his tweet after realizing he just made a libelous remark versus Cong. Dendee Bautista after insinuating she used her party-list funds to pay for her “lavish” wedding and designer gown.

But thanks to alert netizens who managed to take a screenshot of Enchong’s tweet before he deleted it. That tweet made the rounds again on social media for the public to see.

It did not take long for Enchong Dee to issue a public apology on Twitter for what he called lapse in judgment. You may read the screenshot of the tweet below.

Kung nag apologize si Enchong Dee for his “thoughtless” post, pwede pa rin ba syang kasuhan ng libel? This is the million-peso question many netizens wants answered and Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles of the Luminous did not disappoint her FB followers.

But before answering the above-question, Atty. Trixie first explained what makes a statement libelous.

Libel is a malicious and public imputation of a crime, vice or defect. Malicious kapag hindi tutoo at alam ng tao na posibleng hindi ito tutoo. Public kung ito ay published such as a social media post. Imputation means na pinamumukhang may krimen nga, o bisyo o defect.

A libel case is filed, according to Atty. Trixie, when the statement or remark has damaged the reputation of the victim.

Usually kinakasuhan ang mga ito kapag may damage sa reputation ng mga biktima ng libel.

Is Enchong Dee’s public apology enough to erase his crime?

At best ang apology ay maaaring magpabawas ng appreciation ng malisya. Pero mae-erase ba ang krimen sa pag sorry?

Here’s the legal opinion of Atty. Trixie below.

Posibleng hindi, kapag may damage na sa biktima.

Let us read the comments of netizens below.

An apology will not erase the fact that the crime was already committed, commented a netizen who is a lawyer by profession.

To which another lawyer replied: True. Malice was present when it was posted resulting in some people believing that the money spent came from other source. The reputation of Cong Bautista was tarnished giving her a cause of action to file a case against the offender.

I think, the damaged has been done to the victims. I don’t think there is seriousness in his apology as there is no mention that they err on what they post. It was done just to escape being accuse of cyber libel case. They’ve done this so many times and they were able to be successful in avoiding law suit because the victim accepts their apologies, remarked another netizen.

I dont think that a mere apology would nullify the damage done. In fact walang bearing ang apology ni chararat dito.These people are in full control of their faculties when they pervade these malicious accusations to pin down, demoralise and demonize the subjects. If and should a legal avenue is to be pursued in the quest of justice and fairness, then the full force of the law and its attributed repercussion can be considered, chimed in another netizen.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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