Atty. Trixie weighs why black propaganda vs BBM continues in light of the so-called El Figlio study commissioned by Leni camp

In light of the unabated bashing and black propaganda thrown at BBM from the camp of the Pinklawans, Atty. Trixie of the Luminous can’t help but resurrect the so-called El Figlio study which was commissioned by the Robredo camp.

In case you forgot the El Figlio study, basically it says that every time they bash BBM, the more his popularity grow.

Atty. Trixie remarked that the continued black propaganda against BBM from the Pinklawan camp could only mean two things: 1. they forgot about it 2. Leni lacks leadership to control her supporters.

On that note, Atty. Trixie remarked that if they are asking for an online war, the UniTeam are not scared because they have been practicing for the last 6 years.

Netizens jumped into the comment section to share their opinion on Atty. Trixie’s FB post.

Netizens echoed Atty. Trixie’s observation that Leni indeed lacks the leadership skill because she can’t even make her supporters follow her lead.

If she can’t have them follow her preaching, then she’s not really an effective leader. Alam nyo na ang ending 😄

This netizen thinks Robredo’s campaign strategists are even sabotaging her own campaign.

I have a feeling that their campaign strategists are not going to vote for their nanay, the strategists were actually sabotaging her after realizing, maybe after realizing that their nanay has really no leadership qualities and no bright ideas coming from her.👊✌️👊✌️👊✌️👊✌️

Another netizen commented that Robredo is to blame for failing to take advantage of the result of the El Figlio.

Eh ung Ina naman po nila pasimuno ng pambabash Kay BBM. Simula ng filing ng COC puro sila BBM. Walang bukambibig kundi si BBM. Hindi makapangampanya ng Hindi babanggitin si BBM.

Let me end by sharing the comment from a netizen because in my opinion, he/she echoed the sentiment of many BBM-Sara supporters who are silent readers on social media.

Right! Binugbug sa insulto ang pro uniteam! So we ‘fight’ back! But no amount of explanation is enough for the camp of Leni! Pikon! Alam lng nila i-cancel those who do not agree w/ them! So be it! Sabi nga, ‘bring it on’!

You may now read Atty. Trixie’s original FB post below.

Di ba dati may commissioned study ang kabila na tuwing binabash si BabyM, lalong sumisikat? (El Figlio)

Well, either nakakalimutan nila yon or…wala talagang leadership yung inanila. Di sya sinusunod sa panawagan niyang maging mahinahon, mag explain, mag explain pa some more…

Eh kung bardagulan ang gusto nila, anim na taon nang nakapagpractise ang mga pro UniTeam.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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