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Atty. Vic Rodriguez, BBM’s spokesman, throws nasty counter versus Senator Manny Pacquiao’s swipe at BBM for not attending debates

Ouch! This is the one-word reaction of Atty. Darwin Canete, a government prosecutor who likes to spend some of his free time making fun of Dilawan politicians and supporters on social media, to the nasty rebuttal of BBM Spokesman Atty. Vic Rodriguez to Manny Pacquiao’s swipe at BBM.

Atty. Rodriguez called Sen. Pacquiao’s sudden bravery misplaced. Why? Because, in the last 6 years as senator, he was given all the chance in the world to showcase his debating skills against some of the intellectual giants in the Senate but he was too shy to take up all these challenges.

In fairness to Pacquiao, he did try his debating skills against Senator Franklin Drilon, which is contrary in my opinion to BBM Spokesman’s statement that Pacquiao shied away from debate.

But did he perform well against intellectual giant like Senator Drilon? That’s beside the point.

Anyway, here are some of the comments from netizens, which unfortunately are unfavorable to Senator Pacquiao.

One netizen was kind of harsh, calling this as just one of Pacquiao’s antics in the hope of catching up with the survey leader. But his antics is clear indication he is unfit for any task that calls for the use of his brain power.

Why the sudden bursts of bravado? Naghahabol ng boto por que he slowly concedes na he’s not going to make it. Clearly his antics show he’s not fit for any task that calls for the use of intellect. I just can’t imagine how he’d fare in a presidential debate with impromptu questions. Let’s see how he’d deflect contraries on all sides the way he did inside the boxing ring where cerebral stunts are not requisite.

This netizen looked Pacquiao with an understanding lens. Saying he was just misled by some people that surrounded him who thinks he really is a gifted person who can lead a country which is not the case.

He was misled by the people that surround him. Thinking that he was really a gifted person to lead a country. But never realized he was only used as a dummy

This one goes for BBM’s Spokesman.

Hwag niyo na patulan si manny. Eh alam na nga ninyo na wala siyang alam so thats it hehehe.


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