Aussie slams 60 Minutes Australia, portrays Duterte, PNP chief, local police as trigger happy, human rights abusers

60 Minutes Australia is a highly respected and popular TV Magazine show in Australia and airs every Sunday.

But things changed somehow after airing the TV documentary entitled, “License to Kill”, featuring President Duterte and his anti-drug war campaign.

The TV producers made it appear that President, the PNP Chief and the local police as a bunch of trigger-happy and human rights abusers.

The TV documentary has earned the backlash of viewers, both Australians (familiar of the situation in the country) and locals for their slanted take on President Duterte and his intensified anti-drug war campaign that resulted in a bloody arrest of resisting suspects.

Netizens who’ve watched the TV documentary of 60 Minutes Australia made it a point to express their disappointment towards the show in the comments’ section. One of the comments that stood out, came from an Australian guy that goes by the name Thomas Bolton. Please read his comment below.

Let me first say that I am an Australian living in the Philippines and I am upset by the way that 60 Minutes has presented the new President of the Philippines to the Australian public.

The video starts off with a photo of the President who is made to look like he is a rebel drug lord himself from Cuba! 60 Minutes is just sensationalizing things for for their ratings. The President is a 70 year old educated Lawyer, and a well respected man in all Philippines.

60 Minutes then goes on to say he has killed 100,000 people here already and thrown their bodies in the Manila Harbor. Again, more sensationalism by 60 Minutes. This information is not true. There have been 600 drug dealers shot and killed for resisting arrest and they have used weapons against Philippine police during the attempted arrest.

The president is accused of ordering a “shoot to kill” response to the Drug Lords. This is only if the drug lords resist arrest. Every one who has been shot has been found with a cache of weapons in their possession, inclining high power weapons, ammunition guns and military style armaments. The police have a right to protect themselves.

60 Minutes seem to fail to inform viewers of the extreme high risk that the law officers face in enforcing law here against the drug lords.
There was an amnesty period for drug users and pushers to go to authorities to register as a drug user and then they can avail free drug rehabilitation, 60 Minutes made no mention of this, yet it is common knowledge here.

Those who choose to continue to sell drugs, or use drugs will be arrested by the police and prosecuted. Those who resist arrest will most likely be killed in police action as they probably hard lined criminals who will not surrender.

The people being killed here are generally employees of syndicate drug pushers who go about expanding the drug trade here in the Philippines and contribute to the addiction of literally hundreds of thousands of drug users here.

The profits they make are huge and they have no regard for the lives of their victims. The flow on affect of the drug industry is seen in high petty theft and small crimes as addicted people do drastic things to pay for their drug use.

It has already been seen that there is a lessening of theses crimes throughout the Philippines.

If Humanitarian issues are important to viewers then I believe they should be supporting the police action here in response to the mass suffering caused by the drug lords.

There over 100,000,000 people in this country and this President was just recently and overwhelmingly voted into power to fix things. The people here want this problem solved and he is standing by his election promise.

It seems Humanitarian issues rarely stand up for what is right for the majority and benefit a country, and most commonly only seek to protect the criminals.

I lived in Australia for most of my life (I am now 60 years young) and was a regular viewer of the 60 Minuites program, I valued it reporting in the past.

I can now see first hand how things get twisted so that we the viewer get fed misleading information and thus make false assumptions on a person or topic.

The Philippines is a great place to live and I feel safer now that we have a tough and determined President whose sole ambition is to make the Philippine an even better place.

It is a sure lesson in reminding us never to believe anything we see or hear on TV.

Do you agree with the comment of the Australian?

Credits: Thomas Bolton


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