Aussie’s heartwarming message to Filipinos in behalf of Duterte, “Love him, care for him and fearlessly protect him” goes viral

While critics continue to put Duterte down and worse, to plot his downfall, a timely message from an Aussie that tugs at one’s heart goes viral.

Australian Peter Vodicka’s simple but heartwarming message to Filipinos resonated with known Duterte supporter and blogger Joybev Aquino that he wasted no time, took a screen shot and posted it on Facebook with the caption below:

“Need to share this so we all know that we are not alone.. Thank you Peter Vodicka!”

Aussie Peter Vodicka was commenting on some post on Facebook, probably about Duterte, when he said the goosebump-inducing message or comment if you will, not anticipating how Filipinos will react.

I am just an ordinary Western who cares for the Philippines and its people. What I have seen over the last 2 years since he has become President, from my heart I can tell you that your President Rodrigo Duterte, is a once in a lifetime true leader of his people. He is the real “Jewel in the Crown” of the Philippines…the “real deal!”…Love him, care for him…and fearlessly protect him…so he can continue his efforts to vastly improve the lives of the Filipino people. Your future and the future of your children, and their children depends on it.

Barely three hours after Aquino shared it on Facebook, the post quickly goes viral, garnering 1,923 shares, 676 reactions and 26 comments and counting.

Netizen Aranas Atis Aldwin reacts: “It fucking breaks my heart that foreigners like him appreciated and liked our president and our country when some of the true freaking blooded Filipino and politicians alike tried really hard to destroy their own..”

Editha Iriarte says: “Mabuti pa ung ibang lahi naappreciate mga ginagawa ni president.”

Ricardo Lisay writes: “Highly appreciated… Million thanks Sir for your inspiring, balance & unsolicited views & opinion about the current Leadership of our Country….”

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