Avid supporter reveals profound reason for supporting Duterte; turns out they hate the same enemy

A post offering a profound explanation why he is supporting the presidential bid of the Mayor has been doing the rounds recently.

Atty Rivera explains why he supports Duterte in a profoiund way

Credits to Atty. Rivera

In a Facebook post, Atty. Bruce Rivera lashed back at critics for accusing the Duterte campaign of lacking intellectual discourse in his latest post.

Perhaps, taking the cue from his critics, the combative and articulate Duterte supporter decided to take the challenge and engage his detractors in a cerebral tussle.

But before he started the discussion, Atty. Rivera opens the post explaining why his past writings were written in Filipino for the simple reason that it was intended for the people to see his point. Says he writes to communicate, not to confuse his readers with heavy words that an ordinary Pinoy will not comprehend. Hope this explains now.

Please check out the open letter below and start reading.


This post is an answer to allegations on the want of intellectual discourse in the Duterte campaign. My past musings are written in Filipino because it was intended for the people to understand my point. I write to communicate and not to confuse my readers with heavy words that an ordinary Pinoy will not comprehend.

I can be intense, intellectual and profound. I do not need to brandish my diploma to do that. I am not educated by internationally recognized institutions of learning but simply a proud product of the Philippine educational system. University of San Carlos for elementary, UP Cebu for high school, Southwestern University for college and San Beda College for law. But there is one thing I have that even a diploma in Stanford, Harvard or Wharton can not give you. I have PRINCIPLE.

I am not perfect. I have done things in my life that I am not proud of but never at the expense of others. Neither am I clean. I have dirt like any ordinary mortal. But there is one thing I can truly say…I never reneged on my core principle. This is the one thing that led me to give my support to Duterte. I HATE OPPRESSION.

I was an elementary student when my grandmother and mom volunteered for the first NAMFREL and saw first hand the intimidation of the Marcos regime. I saw how my grandmother stood up to the police and reasoned with them when she told them that they should not be inside the polling precinct.

It was the oppression of the Marcos regime that made me cry when I heard that he left the country and people in Cebu went out of the streets cheering and crying. It was the same reason why I supported Cory Aquino even if I was too young to vote.

But there is a new kind of oppression plaguing this nation. The kind of oppression I unwittingly supported when I prayed for the end of the conjugal dictatorship. It was an even more vile oppression: THE OPPRESSION COMMITTED BY OLIGARCHS, INTEREST-DRIVEN INTELLECTUALS AND THE OPPORTUNISTS.

And the problem is that the oppressors in this case, have no face and disturbingly, no conscience either. They can influence people and mold public opinion. They can even decide their own version of the truth. And for a period of time, these oppressors fought with each other for the ultimate prize, the right to oppress the Filipino people. After the 1992 elections, I never openly supported a President. Until now.

Duterte is a man with flaws. Like every man, he has weaknesses. But he is honest about those weaknesses. Oppressors never tell you their weak spots. The oppressed has no business knowing it. The oppressors always want to project an image of kindness, heroism, compassion and divinity. They will take advantage of any situation just because they can. They want to stay in power or be in the position of influence to those in power because that is the only way an oppressor becomes content.

My choice is not based on interest. I know I will not benefit from my actions because that is never be my intention. My friends can attest to that. Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio who is a friend and law school classmate can attest to that. I never asked for anything as a reward nor am I hoping for any. I am campaigning out of principle. That is why I never changed my mind.

Duterte hates oppression. The oppressors hate it. The oppressors are afraid that under his administration, the status quo will be threatened and they will no longer yield the influence. So they scare will you about scenarios of blood and doom under a Duterte administration.

But are we not under a regime of oppression? When our media cannot even tell you the real state of affairs because it is clouded by interests. When we fear our own existence because crime and security have become close friends. When the poor is dependent on dole-outs because institutions want them that way because it is easier to manipulate. When instead of corruption by a few, we have spawned institutionalized corruption from the grassroots.

That is the reason for my support.

IT IS A CHOICE BASED ON PRINCIPLEThis post is an answer to allegations on the want of intellectual discourse in the…

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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