Avid supporter slams Duterte critics for nitpicking; laments Duterte’s bad joke has been used against him

A post slamming Duterte critics for nitpicking and lamenting Duterte’s bad joke has been used has been used against him is doing the rounds online.

Atty. Bruce Rivera lambasts critics for nitpicking

Credits to Atty. Bruce Rivera

In a Facebook post published just recently, Atty. Bruce Rivera defends Mayor Duterte from the backlash that the video circulating online wherein Mayor Duterte made a joke about the Australian rape victim who was also killed by his rapist.

In the video, Mayor Duterte can be heard recalling an incident in Davao City wherein an Australian woman cum lay minister was raped and killed.

Duterte, known for his green humor that sometimes borders on the morbid side cracked a joke about him as the Mayor should have been the first to take a shot at the beautiful rape victim.

The crowd, roared in laughter while Mayor Duterte was telling the anecdote injected with Duterte’s brand of humor.

The video was cut short, obviously to put Mayor Duterte in a bad light at this crucial stage in the election wherein Mayor Duterte is neck and neck with another rival for the position.

To Duterte’s critics, the bad joke about the rape victim is a perfect weapon to pull down Mayor Duterte from the top while giving his rivals a chance to nibble Duterte’s lead way from him.

Atty. Bruce Rivera, open letter should give his critics a chance to rethink their demolition job of the Mayor Duterte because this is not going to work.

Please read the full text below of the OPEN LETTER.


When you have a hard time destroying a person’s reputation, you tend to grab at straws and nitpick. In DU30’s case, even jokes become as source of intrigue, descriptive dialect becomes an attack on the LGBT and a popular expression is taken as an attack on the pope. Everything that comes out of his mouth is dissected by his detractors and made a big deal as a desperate act to discredit him.

Sorry, a bad joke is a bad joke. And Mayor, with his offbeat sense of humor, made a blunder by thinking a joke about rape is funny. But that is Duterte. He talks to you like you are a friend or a fellow thug. He curses and he interjects his Visayan green jokes and delivers it in Tagalog with much more dismal results. But that is the charm of Duterte. His unassuming honesty.

He is honest to the point of being irreverent and funny to the point of morbidity. And the campaign has taken its toll on his sense of humor. Perhaps he was saying to the rapist, how dare rape her???Hindi mo man lang ako pinauna. Owing to his self-admission as a womanizer.

Yes , it was a bad joke and I apologize for not presenting myself as his writer of jokes. But a persons sense of humor should not be made an issue when there should be other things more important things to discuss.

However, when you are presidential candidate who has fhe momentum so great, it is stuff of legends, small things are all you can hope for to destroy. Rely on the pettiness of people, oversensitivity of a few women and the motivation of the losing stake-holders not to make it like it should be: A BAD JOKE. In the same manner why he called Mar as Bayot ans the term divided the LGBT because many insinuated it was demeaning to the gays.

We already know Mayor is not a stand-up comic. And he is not running to make us laugh. He is running to make us happy not because of bad jokes but with a promise of a better life when a bad joke about a rape victim will not be an issue because it no longer exists, it is okey to make a joke to remind people that it is a crime.

And please, do not tell me the other candidates never told a bad joke in their lives. Mr. Palengke is a rich brat who owned the market. The foundling as the voice of the moneyed opportunists. And the Obama of the Philippines just because his skin color is dark and his honesty even darker.

The opponents of Duterte can hope that a bad joke will lose him an election. But you know what is worst that a bad joke? A BAD LIFE.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, pasabi kay Mayor na hwag na muna siyang magjoke kasi pikon at sensitive ang mga haters.

In case you’ve missed the video wherein Duterte has been drawing flak from netizens for joking about the Australian rape victim, you may watch the video below now.

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