Ay ang tanga!|Netizens jeer at former Senator Serge Osmena for claiming jet fuel is just keronese, not combustible

On the senate probe of the Xiamen Airline incident that paralyzed NAIA for 36 hours, former Senator Serge Osmena said something that made him the laughing stock on social media.

When asked why it took them 36 hours to remove the stalled Xiamen plane, MIAA says it was carrying 4 tons of unused fuel thus making their job extra challenging.

Former senator Serge Osmena was quoted by CNN Philippines saying it ain’t so since the Xiamen plane used kerosene, not gasoline, therefore it is not combustible.

CNN Philippines shared Serge Osmena’s ‘kerosene’ statement on its Twitter account which soon found its way on Facebook courtesy of netizen Odette Dequito-Javier.

Serge Osmena’s ‘kerosene’ statement has been drawing jeers and sarcastic comments on Facebook rather than helping the senator’s re-election bid come 2019 national election.

Manuel Kalaw Sa apat na taon kong pag aaral ng aeronautical engineering ngayon ko lang narinig na ang gas na ginagamit ng jet engine ay kerosene! Expert ba sya para masabi nya ito, ang ginagamit ng aircraft jet engine ay high octain fuel at hindi basta regular na kerosene katulad ng mga ginagamit sa gasera,ito ay may mataas na kalidad kaysa regular gasoline na gamit ng any land transportation vehicle ididimanda ko ang school na pinasukan ko kung mali ang lesson na ibinigay sakin!

Martin John Arellano No wonder the late Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was so angry at him. Nagdudunung dunungan pero wala namang alam. TV mileage nanaman ito para sa elections. Haha.

Alex Laugo Bobo lang just because he knows that it was kerosene akala niya eh yung ordinary lang na kerosene na ginagamit sa gasera…
Its a high grade kerosene full of chemical additives to make it as a jet-a1 fuel which is a highly combustible in any means of ignition even just a simple exposure….

Cheryl Quejada Canning ang kerosene po ay sadyang ginagamit to powered jet engine and rockets it is a combustible hydro carbon liquid which is derived from petroluem.

Gilbert Gorospe Hahaha they are not even educated sa technical safety procedures. kung gusto nila sila na lang ang magtanggal ng fuel na parang sipsip malabanan style.

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