B.S. Aquino’s call for transparency from Duterte gov’t backfires after open letter demanding transparency from him goes viral

The ever improving China-Philippines relation has been put under tremendous pressure by the opposition camp led by former President BS Aquino and Leni Robredo.

As soon as the news that China and the Philippines have signed several deals including joint exploration in the WPS during the visit of Chinese President to Manila recently, opposition camp wasted no time in making wild speculations to discredit, perhaps embarrass the host government.

For example, Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano alleged that the Duterte government have used our territory in the Spratlys as collateral for the financial grants extended by China to the Philippines.

Meanwhile, ex-President BS Aquino demanded transparency on the part of the Duterte government amidst loose allegations made by his Liberal party mates.

In light of the noise stirred by the opposition, international commodities expert and vocal supporter of PRRD on social media MJ Quiambao Reyes couldn’t help but called out BS Aquino, Trillanes and Robredo on social media in an open letter demanding transparency from their secret dealings with China in relation to the Spratlys issue.

You may read the post below.


More transparency you say? Who sent a failed coup plotter as emissary?

Who made 16 secret trips & back channels to China–and yet, miserably failed? Is that your definition of transparency and your ‘bright idea’ of solving the situation?

You speak as if this problem was brought by Pres. Duterte. Why? Did we just lose control of Scarborough Shoal during PRD’s watch? Sus!

“Defeatist” this govt.’s moves some of you even claim. Must we remind you of what happened during the 2012 “stand off”? Who ordered our Phil. ships to leave? Have you forgotten who also failed (or got cowed!) to order our ships to return to the shoals after the Chinese ships did not leave the premises?

What have you done when our fishermen were being driven out of our shoals in 2015?

Sure, the UNCLOS decision was to our favor, but you know pretty well that the tribunal has no navy, no economic sanctions to levy for non-compliance of UNCLOS decision. I suppose you also know that we cannot actually rely on US & other countries to fight our war.

Meanwhile, PRD visited as many countries as he could in his first two years and earned their respect and support. He strategically met with and befriended the world leaders–including China’s Xi Jinping.

Our geopolitics genius of a leader sure knows how to play his card well that ASEAN recently appointed him as Country Coordinator of ASEAN-China Dialogue Relations–a clear validation that we are in the right direction.

Now, pray tell, how do you propose we deal with China? (Hmmm. Patulong tayo kay Cardo Dalisay?)

How do we go about the oil & gas exploration in the WPS?

Seriously, what exactly are your proposed alternative solutions instead of just incessantly criticizing this government for actually trying to do what’s best for our country and people?

Can we hear at least something more sensible from you people on this matter?

Kahit one time lang.

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