“B0b0 at k@lahati” — Jay Sonza on Isko Moreno saying he is not voting for anybody who inherited one’s position

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is anything but livid at Yorme Isko Moreno who said something about not voting for anybody who just inherited his or her position. Just check the screenshot image below for context.

Sonza lectured Yorme Isko about how the position in government from the president down to the municipal councilors are all elected by their constituents.

“Our president, vice president, senators, representatives, governors, vice governors, provincial board members, mayors, vice mayors, city and minicipal councilors are all ELECTED by their constituents.”

Sonza remarked that all these mentioned are election by the people every election. Whoever said otherwise is dumb and stupid.

“Lahat ay inihahalal ng taongbayan sa tuwing sumasapit ang election. Kung sino man ang nagsasabing naipapamana lang ang halal na posisyon ay bobo at kalahati.”

Sonza said Yorme Isko’s statement can only be TRUE under certain circumstances which he further elaborated by citing examples of a father and child or mother and child running for a position (Mayor and Vice mayor) and both won. Unfortunately, the mayor dies during his or her term. So it is just natural the vice-mayor who happens to be the mayor’s child succeeds under the principle of succession.

“Perhaps, the only exemption is kapag tumakbo ang mag-ama o mag-ina bilang pinuno at pangalawang pinuno at kapuwa nahalal, pagkatapos ang biglang natigok iyong ermat o erpat, natural iyon under the principle of succession, iyong bise ang uupo sa nabakante puwesto ng magulang.”

“But then again, the successor must be duly elected by the constituents. And not just capriciously handed down to the heirs,” Sonza asserted.

Sonza ended the brief sermon saying that if Yorme Isko fails to understand his explanation, then he is a hopeless case. He said Yorme belongs to people whose IQ is just one-half, literally speaking.

“Kapag hindi mo ito naintindihan, e, alaws ka repapips. Kabilang ka lang sa mga taong may point five ang IQ.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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