BAHAYanihan or Bahay-bahayan? Photo of VP Leni Robredo’s housing project in Bicol draws mixed reactions on social media

Remember when VP Leni Robredo urged the Duterte government to build disaster-resilient infrastructures in the wake of the mounting death toll from Tropical Depression Usman? [GMA NEWS]

Robredo’s multitudes of critics on social media is now using her very own statement to attack her for failing to apply the very standard she wants the Duterte admin to live up to her own projects, particularly the much-publicized BAHAYanihan project of the OVP.

Fellow Bicolano and blogger Edwin Jamora was one of firsts of Robredo’s critics to write a satire FB post with the title, “BAHAY BAHAYAN!?”

As the title implies, Jamora mocked the photo of one of Robredo’s housing project in Guinobatan, Albay under the BAHAYanihan project. In fairness to the VP, the house was still unfinished when ABS-CBN News and ANC posted the photo on its official FB pages.

Jamora credited Robredo, in a sarcastic tone, for levelling up her game since she’s building now a box instead of nipa shingle bells. He asked if Robredo has engineers or consultants to tell her, even if she’s from Bicol, that when super typhoons hit Bicol, even your panties will be blown away!

Jamora slammed the people behind Robredo’s BAHAYihan projects who are presumably college graduates and yet, they forgot to add windows to the house.

Jamora ended the FB post by talking in Bicolano, which I presumed is not nice to hear. Not sure. Lol.

BAHAY BAHAYAN?! Level up na sana si Manay Leni! Hindi na nipa shingle bells! Kundi box. Wala bang engineers and weather…

Posted by Edwin Jamora on Saturday, December 12, 2020

Meanwhile, the FB page VoVph threw shade at VP Leni Robredo with a brief but on point punchline using Robredo’s own words about building disaster-resilient structures.

“Expectation VS Reality.. Disaster-resilient stall.. Man made oven. 😂.”

Netizens offered mixed reactions on Robredo’s BAHAYanihan project.

“Ito ba yung more disaster-resilient na sinasabi na MaDumb?” asked one commenter.

One dude said this reminds him of his tool shade in his backyard. “Parang yung tool shed ko lang sa backyard..! People deserved a little dignity, Jesus Christ naman..!!”

One netizen wrote that this project is a waste of money and nothing but a PR stunt. “Nagsayang lang ng pera! Hardiflex dingding, steel frame ginamit at sobrang baba. Hindi resilient sa bagyo sa Bicol. Mumurahin pa na klase ang yero. Masabi lang na may bahay!!Hamagan sana yan!!!”

“Puro photo ops lng tlga alam ksama mga bayaran Media nya..” said another.

Another netizen praised Robredo for her brilliance, in a sarcastic tone. “Walang bintana ? All-in na ? Sala.. Dining.. kitchen.. bedroom… cr.?! Hmmm… si Manay talaga brilliant!”

This one cracks me up. “Kahon ng posporo.”

Another commenter called this an insult to the recipients. “Jusmi po! Insulto nman sa mga binigyan yan! Sa laki ng funds sa opis nya yan lang? Ay, Ginoo patawarin! ☹️

This netizen remarked that it appears a bodega or storage to him. “bodega ata yan wla mn lang bintana”

Another netizen commented that this reminds him of PNoys’ Yolanda housing project. “Para lang nuon sa yolanda housing project ni Noynoying. Wala pinag iba ang mga utak ah 🧠 hahaha Ang galing talaga 🤣👏🏻

On one hand, this netizen thinks this design offers an advantage. “mas madali nga ilipat yan pag may bagyo o may paparating na malakas na hangin babaklasin para di tangayin ng hangin at bagyo.”

It appears the critics of VP Robredo failed to get the whole picture. Based on the photo from PDI, the house has windows, in contrast to comments that it lack windows.


Source: Edwin Jamora, VoVph

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