Bakit di ka nakipag cooperate kay Tatay Digong? — Gov’t official to Leni Robredo preaching the need for President & VP to work together

If elected as PH next president, Leni Robredo promised to cooperate with whoever is her VP because she believes the country will benefit more if the president and vice president work well together.

PIA Director General Mon Cualoping isn’t buying Leni Robredo’s new-found philosophy of working with her VP if she becomes the Philippines next President.

In a Facebook post, Cualoping emphatically asked Robredo why suddenly she has a changed of heart when for the last 5 and half years under the Duterte admin, she refused to cooperate?

Cualoping can’t help but accuse the Vice President of making such statement because she wants to look and smells good to the Filipino voters.

Cualoping declared that what emboldened Robredo are Ateneo de Manila and other Jesuits because they are greedy and power-hungry.

Cualoping appealed to Robredo to stop fooling the people and have some shame.

He said the public are tired of the Dilawans already.

Cualoping ended the brief FB post saying that if Bong Go was VP, he would be 1000% better than Leni as VP.

Mama Leni,

Bakit di ka nakipag cooperate kay Tatay Digong?

Alam mo pala ang sagot eh. Bakit ka ganyan the past 5 and half years?

Kontra ka ng kontra tapos ngayon nagpapabango ka.

Di ba trapo ka?

Nagpapalakas sayo ng loob ang mga taga Ateneo de Manila at ibang Heswita. Kasi swapang at sakim sila sa kapangyarihan.

Huwag na natin lokohin ang Pilipino. Mahiya naman kayo.

Sinusuka ng tao ang mga Kakampinks.

#VPGO will be better than you 1000%! Puro lang kayo motorcade at Twitter.

Netizens who read Cualoping’s FB post were in disbelief that those words came from Robredo’s mouth and did hesitate to express their sentiment by commenting on the FB thread.

Look who’s talking???Go back to the past and see what you did in spite of all the chances given to you by the President….We remember things….We simply do not forget…..

Are you out of your mind? For close to six years, DDS bloggers and supporters of the President had to contend with your lies, with you undermining the President and spreading lies about his administration. Hindi ka na nga nakatulong, nanira ka pa.1. May sarili kang SONA every goddamn year. 2. UN palit-ulo scheme 3. Being part of the cabinet and telling your oligarch cohorts and party-mates everything that was said. Kaya nga you were fired, di ba? 4. Yung bakuna caravan mo na galing din naman sa gobyerno ang bakuna. Walang nag-donate sa yo, teh? 5. Marami pa but the worst siguro is organizer ka sa Twitter everytime there’s a natural disaster. All the hype habang nagtatrabaho ang gobyerno.

We actually gave her a chance. Kaso sya tong nanira pa sa Pilipinas sa international arena. Siya at yung kampo nya ang nagcreate ng divide. Tamad tamaran pa nung nilagay sa pwesto, ayun sisante tuloy agad. Tapos nung binigyan uli ng chance, as if may naicontribute syang bago sa war on drugs kung makahirit. Haaay.

This netizen defended Robredo amid the negative remarks from her critics.

Actually there is nothing wrong with what she said, it should be a collaborative efforts of GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS in order to have a progressive Philippines. As what I’ve saw during her time, her advices and plans that she explained, no one listen. How can we have a better government if they don’t listen to everyone’s opinion.


Source: Mon Cualoping

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