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Balikbayan goes home to the province for the first time in years, swears he feels safe since Duterte assumes power

Fil-Am shares emotional homecoming

Fil-Am shares emotional homecoming

Only those who have been away from their hometown for a longer period of time can relate to the itch of OFW’s to go home to their land of birth.

Any homesick OFW or balikbayan for that matter dreams of going home and reunite with old pals, relatives and see familiar faces in the neighborhood.

Sadly, this is not the case all the time.

Fil-Am Edwin Jamora’s story is a perfect example of this case.

Edwin left his hometown to seek greener pasture abroad.

Like any OFW, he visits the Philippines to reconnect with family and friends.

However, he has never visited his hometown in Castilla for a long time because of the fragile peace and order situation in his home province and with a heavy heart, stays only in Manila.

But when Duterte assumed the presidency, he decided to visit his hometown for the first time in years.

He has since returned to Los Angeles and generously shared his journal to his Facebook followers.

Continue reading below to understand why!

“Before, when I go home to the Philippines I only stay in Manila. I don’t proceed to Castilla because of peace and order. Our place? It used to be a hotbed of police activities you don’t want to know.

With Duterte being President, things have changed quite dramatically. We even venture to areas in town where before we would not dare thread, like that area deep going to Dancalan? There’s a network of passable motorbike routes there already! I saw several houses there and farms! My cousin has a fishpond! Looks like everyone is getting productive! Our local pier is getting busy! It spells renewed optimism to me!

True, I still get nervous driving in the early hours of say 4am, but only because we would encounter bikes with no headlights and joggers with no reflectors. The blaring music at midnight until 2am is gone, hideous voices we hear on videokes and karaokes? Gone. Teens doing fancy things on the streets at night? Gone. The only noises I heared were from the dogs barking at night protecting their territories. iPhone flashlight works very well against these dogs though!

I’m back in Manila and will be flying back to California. And I’m looking at this 18 million signature petition for President Duterte to resign peacefully and voluntarily. I’m scratching my head in disbelief! It’s not very convincing.

I suggest that these people behind the President Duterte Resign Campaign to drop their keyboards, get out of their boxed environment and experience the good things happening outside!

President Duterte is working tirelessly to make our world a better place to live. He might not be able to solve our problems all at once, but good things are happening and opportunities are opening up to our folks!”

Your thoughts, please!

Source: Edwin Jamora

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