Balikbayan loses branded wallet & 98K peso cash in NAIA, slams NAIA for non-working 1M CCTV

A branded wallet, some cash and important valuables of a US balikbayan vanished into thin air after passing through the x-ray at NAIA 3 on Saturday morning.

In the report by TV Patrol reporter Mike Navallo, the Pinay balikbayan just arrived from the US to visit her family in Iloilo, but that did not push through when she realized she lost her wallet containing cash after passing through the x-ray machine at the NAIA 3.

According to Ann Margaret Anthony, she entered the airport terminal using Gate 1, carrying 2 luggages and a hand bag. Before placing the handbag into the conveyor, she took out the wallet from the bag to deposit loose coins from her pocket and returned the wallet into the handbag, then into the x-ray conveyor.

Nagtaka ako bakit ang tagal. Kasi huminto yung x-ray, may atras at sabi ko bakit ang tagal. (I wondered why it took so long. The x-ray stopped, then made a reversal and that’s when I start to wonder why it stayed there too long.)

From Gate 1, Anne immediately proceeded to the airline ticketing office to re-book of her flight. When she was about to pay, she was stunned to find out, her wallet is gone.

The stolen branded wallet cost her 40K pesos, containing 98K pesos, a credit and a debit card plus photos of her kids.

Ms. Anthony did not waste any minute and went back to Gate 1 and made a request to look into the CCTV which NAIA people accommodated.

But here comes the part that will ruin your day: The four CCTV’s installed in Gate are not working. Another working CCTV away from the crime scene took the footage that showed the victim making her way from the x-ray machine to the airline ticketing office.

The other camera angles that should have been helpful in the investigation like the angle when the passenger is entering Gate 1 or the angle when the passenger places her belongings into the conveyor of the x-ray machine.


It was confirmed by the TV Patrol reporter when interviewing the spokesman of the Airport Transportation Security, that the four CCTV’s installed in Gate 1 are not working. However, when pressed for an explanation, they refused to offer one.

Sanabi sa akin di pla nagwowork kasi because of DOTC. (They told me it’s not working because of DOTC.)

Ms. Anthony could only ask in bewilderment why the CCTV’s aren’t working.

Sabi ko how come? They should be work kasi international airport to. (I asked, “How come? They should be working because this is an international airport?”)

The MIAA spokesperson David de Castro released an official statement to ABS-CBN News via a message regarding the incident.

We are aware of the case and we are working closely with PNP Avsegroup. The Avsegroup is handling the case. According to the PNP report, Ms. Anthony claims that her wallet vanished from her shoulder bag after initial x-ray at T3.

Based on the statement from the MIAA spokesperson, the victim was telling a lie.

CCTV and eyewitness accounts show no shoulder to begin with. Please refer to the Avsegroup for more details on the case. On MIAA’s part, we take all concerns of passengers seriously. They may approach us anytime to lay down the facts, so we can help them better.

But it turned out, the victim was telling the truth.

The victim got a copy of the CCTV from the media and upon closer look, she was indeed carrying a bag belying the earlier statement made by the MIAA spokesperson.

The victim said she is angry at the government and now afraid to travel to America carrying luggages.

Galit ako sa gobyerno. Takot na ako bumalik sa Amerika na may bagahe. And small shoulder bag na lang, na wala ng bagahe. ( I am very angry at the government. I am scared to travel back to the US with luggages. A small should bag will do. I am done with luggages.

Ms. Ann Margaret Anthony plans to have the incident investigated by the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation).

According to Mike Navallo of TV Patrol, a working CCTV would have been useful in the investigation to uncover the truth but that is water under the bridge now.

Meanwhile, based on the Senate investigation not so long ago, the MIAA already awarded a negotiated contract to a bidder to install CCTVs to all the NAIA Terminals. So what happened now to the multi-million CCTV’s in NAIA?

It was revealed by MIAA General Manager Honrado during the questioning of Bongbong Marcos that each CCTV camera cost almost 1 million pesos each. You may watch the video in case you’ve missed it.

Presyo ng bawat isang CCTV sa NAIA mahigit kumulang isang milyon, gold ba? Sen. Bongbong Marcos ginisa ang manager ng NAIA na si Honrado.#BongbongMarcos #MyVP #BBM2016 #TheViceWatch and Share.Like our page for more updates.Credit to the owner.~angel~

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Isang balikbayan ang nagreklamo matapos mawalan umano ng wallet at pera matapos dumaan ang kanyang bag sa x-ray machine sa NAIA Terminal 3 noong Sabado. Nang magsiyasat, napag-alamang hindi lahat ng CCTV sa paliparan ay gumagana.

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