Baste, Mayor Duterte’s son reveals father is a stingy lot

A post about the revelation made by “Baste” Duterte that his Dad (Mayor Rodrigo Duterte) is a stingy fellow has been doing the rounds online.

Baste Duterte


In a Facebook post by Genis Bano Loreto Sr on the Facebook Group created solely to support the candidacy of the Mayor of Davao City, the netizen wrote the post to further give insight into the man whose life has been an open book since his name was floated to run in the 2016 Presidential election.

The Duterte supporters reacted with a mixed of awe and respect for the man they hoped could change Philippine politics who have been ruled by politicians who disregarded modesty by flaunting their wealth and extravagance despite the prevailing poverty in the country.

In the post, the netizen revealed that Sebastian “Baste” Duterte dropped the bomb while visiting Cebu province on Wednesday in search of campaign volunteers at the vote-rich province of Cebu.

When asked by reporters in Cebu about his father as a family man, the youngest son of Mayor Duterte could only mutter one word to describe his Dad – “kuripot” or stingy.

The youngest son of Duterte further intimated to reporters that he buy and sell junk materials to sustain his lifestyle because his father does not give them any allowance anymore.

That’s why I am used to living on my own. I just came here (in Cebu) to help my father kay tiguwang na (he is old).

Baste, 28, assured the people that his Dad despite being stingy makes good on his promises. He assured Cebuanos and the nation that Duterte can rid the Philippines of crime and illegal drugs in just six months if elected president read the post in Sun Star Cebu.

It can be recalled that when Mayor Duterte was asked about the difference between him and VP Binay, Mayor Duterte joked that aside from the fact that he is taller than VP Binay, he has no money while VP Binay has a deep pocket.

In retrospect, Sebastian “Baste” Duterte’s revelation is a confirmation that indeed, Mayor Duterte is a man that does know the value of money and if he wins the Presidential election, it is safe to assume, he won’t be wasting the people’s tax money by throwing it away via DAP or PDAF.

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