Bataan Cong. Roman tells women to endure (magtiis) sharing ladies toilet with a transgender even if they feel offended

Bataan Cong. Roman, a transgender, telling women to endure in silence when a transgender enters the ladies toilet even if they feel offended?

Roman was sought for her opinion on women who are offended by transgender sharing the ladies toilet with a transgender.

Roman shot back with her own question to the reporter, “Bakit pumupunta ba sila sa banyo para ma-offend or di ma-offend?” (Did they go to the toilet to offend or get offended?) The male reporters answered, “Hindi.”

The reporter insisted what if the woman really don’t like sharing the toilet with a transgender, what was her say about it.

Roman said offended woman can enter the cubicle and do her thing and not talk to the transgender.

Apparently the reporter starting to get into the skin of Roman replied back with her own what if question, “Paano kung nalakihan ako sa ilong ng babae doon sa banyo, na-ooffend mo ako, is that a valid reason? (What if she found the nose of the woman quite big in the toilet, is that a valid reason?)

Roman said feeling offended is such a subjective thing. She explained that all of us enters the bathroom for many reasons. Number 1, you know it. Number 2, you also know it.

Roman asked, “Ano ngayon kung transgender? Wala na bang magaganda?”

In the end, Roman said that if women have problem sharing the toilet with a transgender, you endure it.

Netizens have expressed different opinions on the matter.

Netizen Aga de Vega said the word “magtiis” is poor choice of word. Why would would women endure when the toilet is theirs to begin with.

Magtiis is wrong. Word to use. Bakit sila magtitiis if its theirs to begin with. Minsan din ilagay sa lugar ang mga pagtataray as its not endearing you to the public. Ask for compassion as women. Hindi ganyan

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Netizen Lola Ada shared de Vega’s observation. She also added that she shared the toilet incident in Ali Mall was staged.

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Netizen Hector Bernardino said the real problem is when men pretending to be a transgender and armed with a camera starts recording inside.

Hindi yan ang problema kundi ang mga magpapanggap na bading para lang makapasok sa cr at mag video ng palihim.

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Efren Caorong No to sogie bill….mala- demonyong bill yan.. Yan talaga seguro ang purpose ng drama nila…

The SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression) Equality Bill, also known as the Anti-Discrimination Bill (ADB), is a proposed legislation of the Congress of the Philippines. [Wiki]

You may watch the video now, courtesy of YouTube.

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