“Bawasan nyo na ang panggagago sa taumbayan dahil sa bitterness nyo.” —Radio host to critics of Chinese-made v@ccines

Dilawan supporters and trolls are on a rampage on different socmed sites making allegations that the Duterte administration is biased towards Chinese-made vaccines because President Duterte is China’s tuta or pet.

Just this morning, News5 shared a meme quoting detained Senator Leila de Lima wherein she insinuated the Duterte admin of prefers Chinese-made vaccines because of kickbacks.

“USAPANG KICKVAC NA NAMAN BA ‘YAN?” Kinuwestiyon ni Sen. Leila de Lima ang tila pagkiling ng gobyerno sa Sinovac…

Posted by News5 on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Moving forward, an apparently fed up Mark Lopez, radio host and pro-Duterte blogger, took to Facebook to once and for all, slammed the brakes of the non-stop disinformation and black propaganda campaign of the “feeling entitled” wokes on socmed.

Basically, Lopez enumerated 4 important points in response to the critics black propaganda.

  1. All countries in the world are desperate to get their hands on covid vaccines for their people.
  2. Even countries of origins of the vaccines cannot even inoculate all their people right away but they are still going to allocate vaccines to other countries.
  3. He appealed to critics stop fooling people because of bitterness. Lopez remarked that there is a protocol to follow in acquiring the vaccine, contrary to their belief.
  4. Lopez advised critics to use their brains if ever they have one to learn of the nuances of each vaccine type plus the background of their manufacturer/supplier, their respective governments and how they interact with other governments.

Lopez ended the FB post by dismissing the critics of the Chinese vaccines as good only in criticizing and talking but he said, it is very obvious they are merely showing bandwagon emotion and not because they are learned or highly educated.

“Pota kasi, ang gagaling nyo pumuna and kumuda, pero nahahalata lang na bandwagon emotion lang yang pinapakita nyo, and not because you are learned or were further educated.”

Lopez’s FB post has been getting mixed reactions from netizens, mostly echoing his sentiment.

One netizen wrote that he is no longer surprised of the critics. They are always against the government. “Ganyan na mga yan Sir kokontra lang ng kokontra at tataliwas parati sa gagawin ng Gobyerno. Pag bumili ng maaga sabihin di pa alam ang mga side effects. Pag nadelay bili ng Gobyerno tatanong at pupunahin bakit di umorder ng maaga.
Sadyang mga kupal na mga yan.”

Another netizen echoed the sentiment of the above commenter.

“Simple lang yan. Tinutulak nila yung vaccines na either mahirap mabili o mahirap ang logistics at storage. Pag iba kinuha natin, puro paninira sa nabili natin. Pag yung gusto naman nila nabili natin at na spoil dahil ang sensitive ng handling, tirada naman sila ng incompetence. Pag pinilit natin yung halos wala ng supply at na delay ang vaccination, failure naman ang angal.Moral of the story . . . stay on course and remain with your objectives.”

This netizen said it best the agenda of the critics. “#1 priority kasi nila na sirain ang credibility ng China and Russia vaccines para nga naman matulak yung agenda nila na ‘the west is still better'”

Kayong mga mamaru na mga wokininams and feeling entitled pero wala naman alam, eto ilagay nyo sa inyong mga sabaw na…

Posted by Mark Lopez on Monday, January 11, 2021


Source: Mark Lopez

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