Bayan Muna Congressman’s niece busted in anti-illegal drug police ops in Cebu. Read how netizens react!

Netizens jeer at Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares on social media after his niece was busted by police in anti-illegal drug buy-bust operation in Cebu City.

Teri Marina Silva Colmenares was arrested in a buy-bust operation in Cebu city for allegedly selling party drugs and for possession of marijuana.

According to, the operation against Colmenares was hatched Senior Inspector Dexter Basirgo after a rape victim filed a complaint at Guadalupe Police Precinct on December 8 versus a disc jockey of a resto-bar whom she accused of molesting her twice by drugging her.

The rape suspect confessed to the arresting policemen that his party drug source was Nicole Allan Casiño, 24, resident of Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City, who is actually from Cagayan de Oro.

On Saturday dawn, the police operatives conducted a buy-bust operation versus Casiño in Salinas Drive in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City.

Casiño, then pointed the police to Colmenares who was caught with high-grade marijuana disguised as fruit pops.

Apparently to cover tracks, Basirgo said Colmenares used a fake ID but, it was only after her arrest that authorities discovered her real identity.

While majority of the Manila-based news media outfit except has yet to pick up the arrest of a member of a prominent anti-drug war critic, the Facebook page announced it on social media to inform the public.

BREAKING: Bayan Muna and Makabayan official Neri Colmenares niece (Teri Marina Silva Colmenares) nabbed in illegal drugs buy-bust in Cebu city. #SupportOurTroops

Colmenares joined the 2018 Binibining Cebu representing Carmen town.

Let us read the reactions of social media below.

Mary Tan Grant It is very clear to all why Some people are against President Duterte.President Duterte has been working hard to stop illegal drugs,corruptions And terrorism,and has to improve the economy of our country as well.Some people are against these wars because some are involved directly or indirectly to illegal drugs.We are used to Be God fearing people,not anymore,for some politicians and some ( ?)money is new master.

Ricky Laroya Hindi ba ninyo napapansin na mga kamag anak nang mga dilawan ang nahuhuli sa buy bust sa drug. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin niyan na sila ang protektor nang druga..

Gregory Mikhael Ayan na, lumalabas na tunay na kulay kung bkit panay ang batikos nitong mga LPigs! patunay lng na isang malaking drugs syndicate itong mga politiko naten kya galit sa pgbabago!

Danilo Jr Ecat GMA luding ludi ko kayo sa balita pero bakit ganon kapag ganito wala kayong action parehas lang pala kayo sa ABS-CBN sir mike ma’am kayo ung ludi ko actionan nyoman to hinde puro fake news nalang

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