BBC interview of Lascañas generates tsunami of angry comments from Duterte supporters… but this comment is mother tsunami. Read!

In case you don’t know, Lascañas was interviewed by BBC, basically reprising the same allegations he made on local media against Duterte.

The video interview was uploaded on the Facebook page of BCC and has since gathered 415,000 views, 6,250 reactions and 3.077 shares.

As expected, Duterte supporters descended upon the Facebook page of BBC News in droves to defend President Duterte from Lascañas allegations against the president.

The most notable comment came from one of the staunchest defenders of Duterte on social media, Krizette Laureta Chu who enumerated a litany of reasons why Duterte’s enemies who have an axe to grind against him is using Lascañas to destroy the president’s image in the eyes of the world and his own people.

Krizette’s comment is such a huge hit among social media people sympathetic to President Duterte that it has gathered 1,192 likes and 90 comments on Facebook.  Check out the long comment below.

“I am a Filipino and this man is a liar. He is backed by the oligarchs Duterte kicked out of the office. Why don’t you research who is behind him?

Leila De Lima, the Minister of Justice of the past administration, who is the mother of all drug lords as alleged by the drug lords themselves. She made our national jail Drug Central, so the convicted drug lords could actually cook meth and distribute it to the outside world from the national penitentiary.

Antonio Trillanes, who once asked to be the vice president of Duterte during the elections and was turned down by the President. He led a failed coup during the previous Arroyo administration because he has always been a power grabber. He has conducted treasonous talks with China without the knowledge of the Filipino people.

The Liberal Party. The Opposition party who used to be the ruling party in the previous administration. They effed up the Typhoon Haiyan donations, so that your country’s donations never reached Leyte, where I am from. They have a litany of misdeeds in the Philippines. Most of its ruling members have mining interests. Guess what is one of Duterte’s biggest advocacies–yes, shutting down irresponsible mines. The previous Liberal Party-led government was one of the most inefficient, most corrupt, most evil administrations the Philippines has ever witnessed.
Do you remember the Hong Kong tourists killed in that bus because the Aquino government was too stupid to respond to this hostage crisis? And then refused to apologize after?

That symbolizes the inefficiency and the arrogance of the government we just replaced.

Right now, the current government of Duterte is in the process of auditing the lost Typhoon Haiyan funds. So far, billions are unaccounted for.

So many people from the Liberal Party are in the danger of going to jail after their wrongdoings and secrets are revealed, supported by actual documents.

Why do you think there is desperation to destabilize the current government?

Who is funding Lascanas? Please do a background check on him. A man with a kidney disease, his family left the Ph before he made this preposterous charges against the government. Where did they get the money?

Why don’t you focus on the really important things like Syria? The people there need our help.

I am a Filipino and I will fight against the destabilizers of this country.

By the way, only Western media condemning the President. Asia has good relations with our President. Interesting, isnt it?

For the past 30 years, we were blind to our own government robbing us blind. No more. We will fight to keep Duterte, and we will fight so that no Liberal Party member will ever have the chance to get a government seat again.

PS: Just in case you ever get the idea that Duterte’s defenders are paid trolls, you can ask one of your reporters named Jonathan Head. He knows me.”

Watch BBC video below.

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu


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