BBC journalist and HardTALK host exposes Trillanes stupidity and ignorance before the world, Duterte supporters erupt in laughter

While many Western journalists have been writing bad write-ups against Duterte, this BBC journalist has won the hearts of pro-Duterte bloggers lately.

In fact, Krizette Laureta Chu, a prominent Duterte social media blogger, has been asking Duterte supporters to ‘stalk’ the BBC journalist in all of his social media accounts and thank him for profusely for maintaining a neutral stance when he interviewed Sen. Trillanes on his TV program.

Chu then wrote a short open letter addressed to Stephen Sackur to thank him for the hard-hitting interview that totally destroyed and exposed Trillanes as an ignorant and stupid politician in the eyes of the world, whose working for the interest of Philippine oligarchs, not for ordinary Filipinos who support Duterte.

Read the post below.

Stephen Sackur, there is NO Duterte propaganda machine. We are a motley crew of patriotic, hopeful Filipinos who see Duterte’s vision and appreciates it. We know what real life is like and understand Duterte’s management and leadership style.

Trillanes just can’t handle the fact that his OWN propaganda machine against Duterte is not working! They have poured so much money to run it to no avail. Trillanes is nothing but a contemptible power hungry stupid and passe politician whose career is over, and who is only doing what he is doing as payment for political favors. He is a puppet and a lapdog of the oligarchs.

Thank you Stephen for demolishing Trillanes! The Filipino heart sings.

Let us read the comments of netizens below.

Hal Flores remarks: “BBC to some extent provides journalistic independence to their reporters. Stephen Sackur is one of them. Just lucky the narrative inclined towards Duterte side. If not you will be cursing him by now. But so far BBC have been quite fair with the administration. Stacey Dooley who did the child porn documentary was awesome. She did the drugs in Columbia and Thailand and I hope she will do the drugs in the Philippines.”

Daven Javi writes: “Tawang tawa ako kay trollanes, he didn’t expect na yung white reporter ay nagresearch ng mabuti, for sure di yan nagbasa ng rapper. Hahaha”

Sakura Nakano says: “Hello sir i am an ordinary filipino migrant in france and i have watched your interview with one of our country’s legislator names Antonio Trillanes. All I can say that amongs the numerous intl media personalities, i have no doubt that you are a professionally an unbiased and fair interviewer. And you have well research your subject and our poor senator just showed his real political motives towards our current govt leadership! We are you sir for executing how integrity and unbiased journalism should be! Thank you and more power to you sir stephen suckar!”

Dona Antonio remarks: “I was laughing watching, Trillanes as calous as always failed to take the hint of sarcasm, even more laughabale how he, yet again made a massive blunder out of himself. The interview extremely proved how pathetic he is, and how low he’s willing to go to derail the interest of the public. I pray that one day all his so-called “truths” will be a hard slap on his face. Totoong sila lang din ang gumagawa ng ikakabagsak nila.

Please, please write to Stephen Sackur and be the voice of everyone who believes in our President. Thank you.”

Stephen John Sackur is an English journalist who presents HARDtalk, a current affairs interview programme on BBC World News and the BBC News Channel. [Wikipedia]
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