BBM or Bong Go? Socmed influencer shows how she will decide in making a choice between two DDS favorites for president

Krizette Laureta Chu, Manila Bulletin writer and social media influencer, has provided her followers an insight into her decision-making process in choosing who to vote for between BBM and Senator Bong Go in the 2022 polls.

In case you missed it, President Duterte has endorsed his long-time aide Senator Bong Go for President over Bongbong Marcos, an ally of Mayor Duterte when ran for president in 2016.

Basically, Chu urged DDS to based their decision who to vote by looking at the achievements between BBM and Go, not on potential for them to be someone they clearly are not.

Below is Chu’s questionnaire template to help her decide in choosing between Go and BBM.

Do I believe that Bong Go can do what PRRD can do just because he worked with PRRD for 20+ years?


Do I believe that BBM can do what FEM could do because he is his son, both the positive and negative aspects of his leadership?


The father is not the son, and the padawan is not his master.

You support based on their own achievements, not on potential for them to be someone they clearly are not, Chu asserted.

On the apparent split in the middle between hardline DDS and pro-Marcos DDS, some may ask what she thinks of Leni?

Chu answered:

Now that meron division—do I believe Leni has what it takes to be President?

No. She is the WORST choice for me.

Chu went further by elaborating the parameters to help DDS choose the better presidential candidate to lead the country post-PRRD.

Keep your eyes on the prize and the prize is a country that is not ruled by people who want to scrap and defund programs for the victims of the NPA, a “leader” who can go to UN and insult her own policemen, a leader who cannot even buy 5 tickets home from the US when her own province was being ravaged by a major typhoon.

Chu told the DDS to remember what is our important goal and to achieve it, the DDS needs to unite.

KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GOAL—and the goal will always be to make sure that we unite before who is truly dangerous to this country gets a chance to run it again.

Chu ended the FB post with an earnest appeal to the DDS amid the heated debate between BBM and Go supporters on social media.

We need unity now and not to antagonize each other because we will need it later when we decide who to really field when numbers start showing the real story.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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