BBM supporter defends Senator-elect Robin Padilla from fellow Marcos loyalists calling to cancel him for thanking Kris Aquino, not BBM for his win?

Senator-elect Robin Padilla has caused an uproar among BBM supporters, especially the Marcos loyalist, for crediting Kris Aquino and family, rather than BBM for his win in the senatorial race.

The website Politiko turned Senator-elect Padilla’s FB post thanking Ms. Kris A into a video.

As per revelation of the Senator-elect Robin Padilla, Ms. Kris A reached out to him because of the alarming showing of her friend in the surveys released during middle of the campaign. Ms. Kris Aquino asked him about his campaign strategy. Senator-elect Padilla told Kris that his campaign strategy was conventional since he did not have much money. He told Ms. Kris A. he was banking on the support of Senator Bong Go, PRRD and Vice President-elect Sara Duterte and of course the Filipino people. [Link of video here]

According to him, Ms. Kris Aquino offered to help and started calling politicians who are close to the Aquino family seeking support for his senate bid. And the rest, as they say, is history.

For failing to credit BBM for his win, Senator-elect Padilla has earned the ire of the so-called Marcos loyalists who are now calling to boycott him in future election for being an ingrate.

But make netizen Apple Jolo, a BBM-Sara tandem supporter in the last election, an exception.

In a Facebook post, Jolo defended Robin Padilla’s action, saying it is part of politics.

She said it was natural for the Senator-elect to thank the people instrumental in his victory, especially his friend Kris Aquino who went out of her way to pull our all the stops despite her grave illness.

Jolo urged the BBM supporters to move forward instead from the political wars and prejudice. She said is not dropping Padilla because she believes he has a special role to play in the Senate. Constitutional reform is important over petty things.

Syempre, that’s politics. You thank the people who helped you, funded you, made connections for you. It’s a personal relationship anyway. He was merely thanking a friend. Kris is very sick and Robin is simply acknowledging the support he got from her despite her grave illness. Why take that against him?

At some point, we have to start moving forward from the skirmishes and prejudice. I am not going to drop Padilla. He has a special purpose in Senate. Constitutional reform is more important. You can’t build a strong backbone for the Filipinos if we keep pumping up hatred and cancel culture. Hatred is a form of weakness. You won’t go far with that.

This is just my opinion. I’m entitled to it. Enough of the irrelevant details. I would rather look at the bigger picture.


Source: Apple Jolo

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