BBM supporter responds to anti-Marcos priest who called BBM supporters ‘basura’ – Pari Koy! We’re doing fine. At 70%, we don’t need you

On Twitter, a Catholic priest who uses the handle @pads_nosi has created quite a following among anti-Marcos netizens because other than being an anti-BBM, he is also a staunch Robredo supporter.

When a fellow priest rant against BBM for skipping the KBP-organized forum, who said it was not only cowardice but a show of arrogance for choosing a cooking show over a forum that aims to help the electorate make an informed choice, @pads-nosi quickly jumped in, telling a BBM supporter, that if this was their attitude, then it just convince him and his kind, BBM will do no good for the country. In addition, the BBM supporter cannot convince them (anti-Marcos) or anyone in their right frame of mind that BBM is doing good for him and much more for the country.

@pads_nosi was apparently triggered by a disrespectful reply from someone who identified himself with the BBM-Sara tandem thru his profile pic. Whether he was a legit BBM-Sara supporter, that we don’t know since it is easy to pretend as BBM-Sara supporter when in reality, you are a critic of BBM-Sara tandem, correct?

Moving forward, US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora clapped at @pads_nosi, telling him that BBM don’t need him since he stands at 70% in the surveys, depending on the survey company who did the survey, if I may add.

Pari Koy! We’re doing fine. At 70%, we don’t need you. Go vote for Leni! Tse!

Here are some of the comments of netizens who were apparently taken aback by his language.

Ay Hala Pari nag salita Ng ganyan dapat SA kanya Hindi makisawsaw SA dirty politics. Instead ipag pray mo ang bansa for peace and unity.

Hindi pa man Nananalo ang pulitiko nla ganyan n tingin nio samin..nkakahiya kau pari p nmn bukasyun nio…

We don’t need you, ang dami naming supporters ni BBM, sino ba ang basura eh di…IKAW.,..KAYO.

Ugok! Ikaw ang Meltdown Example Pari Koy? Bakit Di mo Itanong sa Boba mong Idol ang Mga Gumigilo sa Utak mong Tawa ka. Pweeeew!!!


Source: Edwin Jamora

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