BBM trumps Robredo, rivals in controversy-marred online poll conducted by Rappler

In case you missed it, Rappler was heavily criticized yesterday by netizens who suspected Rappler’s online poll for the 2022 presidential aspirants was rigged.

One of the netizens posted a video on Tiktok to alert fellow netizens of what he just discovered. You may watch the video below for context.

Pro-Marcos blogger named Maharlika announced on her latest FB post that Rappler was forced to reveal the true result and as the BBM supporters suspected, BBM was leading in the said online poll spearheaded by Rappler.

Maharlika credited the BBM supporters for making noise and putting pressure on Rappler online, that’s why the truth came out.

Dahil binoldyak ng BBM supporters ang Rappler sa kanilang kababalaghan na survey na si PekengVP Hitad ang manipuladong panalo, ayun!

Hindi nila kinaya, kaya lumabas ang katotohanan na ang sigaw ng bayan ay.. Wow 😮 Bongbong Marcos! #BBM2022

Here’s how netizens react to Maharlika’s post.

The public has awaken, supposedly BBM has long taken his post but the public was helpless because his enemies are holding important government post.

gising na tao bayan, dapat matagal na nakaupo BBM pero wala lng magawa mga tao dahil hawak pa nila ang gobyerno,. pasalamat kmi malaki sa gobyerno duterte binuksan ang isip ng mga tao, at binuwag na walang takot ang mga ganid sa yaman, kaya panahon na para maluklok sa pwesto ang mga marcos this is the rytime,. Marcos at duterte ang kailangan maupo sa pwesto best tandem 2022 eleksyon.

Sabi ko sa inyo ei kahit anong gawin ng mga kampon ng demonĀ 😅, mabuti parin ang manaaig at si BBM un, siraan man nila mag hatid man sila ng maling balita,hindi n nila mbabago ang gusto ntin at pag support ntin kay BBM😍❤️ said another netizen.

The nation is awakened, you can never hide the truth forever, the truth comes out no matter how hard you try to twist the truth..and that truth is connected with good karma or bad karma. Alas, the good karma is coming BBM is the president of 2022..commented another netizen.

This netizen even went at length to explain how Rappler manipulated the online poll to help Robredo gain an advantage over Marcos and other presidential aspirants with the clever use of tactical placing of the pics of the presidential candidates.

Obvious tactical placing. LOL. Leni in the middle ensure first recognition. BBM on the right after leni and a brighter Pac pic to “slide” your glance over to him and pass bbm. Choice of button “heart” to appeal and not to be very obvious to the “thumbs up” quick press -Rappler has been manipulating this kind of algorithms when it comes to Leni and her cohorts. We’ve seen it number of times and in FB Philippines with its accompanying Vera Fck checker – its a cabal of misinformation/ disinformation against this incumbent. It is really amazing to know that whoever is funding “them” can maintain their support the last 5 years. Think about long term investment.😏… One i hope THEY dont capitalize on for the sake of the country and the people.


Source: Maharlika

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