BBM’s kin defends Toni Gonzaga from lies peddled in media chat groups she supposedly got paid Php120M for her support for BBM?

On innuendos being peddled by Toni Gonzaga’s critics that she has been paid P120M for her support for BBM?

Fake news says Mike Acebedo Lopez, a relative of BBM from the Romualdez side.

An apparently irked Lopez asked what is with people nowadays? Each time other people support someone they don’t like, they’re automatically paid?

Lopez lectured the rumor-mongers that in life, there are layers of reasons that makes people subscribe to the politics of a certain politician, intangibles so they say like principles, values and personal relationship. Like for example, Toni Gonzaga’s husband Paul Soriano is Liza Araneta Marcos nephew? BBM is not only wedding ‘Ninong’ of Toni and Paul’s wedding, they have blood connections too.

You may now read Mike Acebedo Lopez’s original FB post for your enlightenment below.

So lies are now being peddled in media chat groups that Toni was supposedly paid Php120M for her support for BBM.

Gosh, what is it with these people and money? Each time other people support someone you don’t like they’re automatically paid? Bayaran kaagad? There are a bunch of other reasons that motivate people when they choose their brand of politics (or politicians), intangibles like principles, values, and personal relationships that make them see things from a different perspective.

In Toni’s case, did you know that her husband, Paul Del Mar Soriano, is the blood nephew of BBM’s wife, Liza Cacho Araneta-Marcos? Paul’s dad is Cacho first cousins with Liza; Paul’s paternal grandma and Liza’s mom are sisters (this makes Paul second cousins with BBM’s kids Sandro, Simon, and Vincent)! Furthermore, BBM and his wife stood as principal sponsors during Paul and Toni’s wedding. This relationship enables Toni to see BBM not one dimensionally, not limited to how he is perceived or judged by others or how he is often presented by the network where she used to work.

Life, people, and issues are very rarely black or white, they are nuanced. There are gradients to our existence. Even when you say that facts are facts, there isn’t just one fact of life—life is made up of countless facts that make a “good versus evil” narrative rather overly simplistic.

And to think these people pride themselves in possessing superior intellect? Is unidimensional, linear thinking (in a multi-dimensional, multifaceted world) a distinctive feature of brilliance? I beg to differ.

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Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez

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