Be careful when hiring a housemaid; she might turn out to be your worst nightmare!

Wanted: Housemaid Thief

Wanted for Qualified Theft (Annaliza Espinosa)

Be careful when hiring a housemaid; she might turn out to be your kid’s worst nightmare!

This is what a mother of two learned after her housemaid of two months locked her 2 boys, ages 4 and 2 inside their house and carted away her valuables.

The mother of the two boys was out during the time of the incident to earn her keep. A concerned tricycle driver and neighbor informed her about the commotion. The incident was discovered by the neighbors ay around 2 PM.

She said she drove home as soon as the incident was relayed to her and was stunned by what she discovered: a baby lying still on the floor as if it was lifeless. Turned out, the baby fell asleep after hours of crying; the baby was soaking wet with his own sweat; the baby’s face was covered with snot or nasal mucus.

The housemaid, Annaliza Espinosa is in her 30’s and hails from Zone IV North Baluarte, Molo District Iloilo City.

The incident traumatizes the mother causing her to lose sleep. What’s worse is that it also left an indelible imprint on her 4-year-old boy who was visibly shaken by the incident.

She is asking help from the netizens to find the culprit and let justice be served to the terror housemaid.

In the meantime, she also reported the incident to the Barangay officials and filed a report to the Philippine National Police Bulacan Region. Appropriate charges are being readied against the housemaid like ‘qualified theft’ and ‘child abuse’ on the day this post written.

Police report regarding Annaliza Espinosa

You may check the screenshot of her post below.


If you have any information about the suspect, you may relay the information directly to Mrs. Marichu Gelordo. You can find her contact details in the screenshot of her original post above.

Do you have any suggestions how to vet a housemaid applicant?


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