“Be like Parlade” – Ret. General hopes DND Lorenzana issue this order to AFP commanders, not censure Parlade

Southern Luzon Commander Lt. General Antonio Parlade has been under attack on social media and even on mainstream media by leftist groups and its sympathizers.

Lt. Gen. Parlade earned the ire of the members of the Makabayan bloc and its supporters after cautioning Kapamilya actress to stay away from Gabriela because of its duplicitous nature, a front of the CPP NPA NDF.

Retired Air Force General Romeo V. Poquiz aptly described, in a Facebook post, the fuss made by the leftist groups re Liza Soberano case.

“The current brouhaha on the case of actress Liza Soberano is a classic communist agitation and propaganda.”

The retired General noted that the communists are winning the propaganda war as netizens, in the thousands (must be trolls) and even senators joined hands in bashing Gen. Parlade.

“It seems like the communists, as usual, are gaining the upper hand, with thousands on social media and even senators bashing General Antonio Parlade.”

Retired General Poquiz went on to fact-check the statements of Gen. Parlade vs his critics.

“The Truth: The Communists use duplicity and deception, General Parlade tells the Truth.

“The Communists said Parlade bashed, red-tagged, and mansplained Liza. False.

In his own words, retired Gen. Poquiz proceeded to recall what Lt. General Parlade said or wrote on social media with regards to Liza Soberano.

“Parlade told Liza that advocating women’s rights is alright, but cautioned her that doing so through the Communist front Gabriela is wrong. She is being used, and is subtly being recruited by the group and she may suffer the fate of former student members of Gabriela Youth who later joined the NPA and then perished during armed encounters with the military. Parlade also defended Liza from her online bashers by telling them that Liza is not NPA, despite her appearing in a Zoom meeting with Gabriela members. The parents of Liza even thanked Parlade for what he did.”

Retired General Poquiz expressed his full confidence of Lt. Gen. Parlade’s revelation on the communist and its tentacles because of his various position in the AFP.

“As a former Battalion and Brigade Commander in Southern Luzon and now Southern Luzon Commander, he holds the goods on the communists and he knows what he is doing.”

Retired General Poquiz praised Lt. General Parlade for a job well done.

“Parlade is the antithesis of the communist CPP/NPA/NDF. He is so effective in his job that the communists are hurting and want him out.”

Meanwhile, retired General Poquiz can’t help but express sadness for the slight hiccup in the government’s fight with the commies.

“Unfortunately, even DND authorities seem to be victims of communist propaganda.”

The retired General offered his unsolicited advice to the DND Chief.

“My unsolicited advice to DND Secretary Lorenzana. Do not censure General Parlade.”

Retired Gen. Poquiz ended the FB post saying that to end communist insurgency, the DND Secretary needs to urge all AFP Commanders to follow Parlade’s lead. That is beat the communist on their own game – the propaganda war – because that’s the only field they are winning.

“In fact, if you want to end this communist insurgency problem soon, encourage all AFP Commanders to be like Parlade. After all, this insurgency war is just a war on propaganda. The communists lasted this long despite their inability to win over the government because they were successful in gaining adherents through propaganda.”


Source: Romeo V Poquiz 

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