Be like Sara Duterte —Manila Bulletin says PH politicians must emulate Davao City mayor, the gold standard of public servants?

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu just gave a tacit endorsement of Mayor Sara Duterte’s candidacy in case she decides to throw her hat in the 2022 presidential derby.

Well, Chu played it coy, expressing one’s wish about having more politicians who knew that spending money on PR no longer work in this day and age and doing the hard work is more effective and at no cost to them.

“I wish more politicians knew that if you worked hard for the last 3 to 6 years, you won’t need to campaign, throw mud, hire political strategists who just milk you dry, hire trolls, get a social media team.”

Chu remarked that if politicians heed her advice, all they need to do is put their names in the ballot and the public will do the rest.

“All you need is to put your name on the ballot and we the people will give you victory not as a favor to you but as a favor to us.”

Chu cited Sara Duterte as the perfect example.

“See: Sara Duterte not even campaigning or throwing mud and already the crowd favorite.”

Chu’s FB post has generated 11,700+ reactions, 644 comments and 541 shares in just 4 hours.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “Work hard, show competence, efficiency, and most of all integrity, say no more, you have my vote.”

To which another netizen replied to express her agreement: “Exactly..people making their own baller, printed tshirt and tarps to show their support..same what happened during 2016 election”

“Filipino have changed after pres. Duterte won we become smarter than ever. Specially in politics. Look what happened to otso deritso iniduro , biggest ZERO ! HAHA….” explained another why Filipinos are now getting sophisticated as a voter.

that’s because people are not stupid anymore👊🏻 alam na nila kung sino an dapat iboto hindi yon mga PI artista na poro darak an laman ng utak, mga trapong politiko na mga korakot at mga puppet ng mga oligarchs at USA at ang mga front ng ccp/npa👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻chimed in another netizen.



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