“Because more than a President, I see him as a father, I love him like my father.” — Netizen answers question why does he defend President Duterte?

Apparently, Facebook blogger Noel Landero Sarifa has been receiving messages from strangers and friends alike asking why the need to defend President Duterte on social media.

So, in his latest Facebook post, Sarifa decided to answer the most pressing question that has been bugging him since blogging on FB. He opened the FB post by answering the with questions, “Why do I defend this man? Why do I have so much support?”

According to Sarifa, President Duterte is more than a President but he sees the President as a father and love him like his father. He went on to describe what kind of father President Duterte is the country. “Because more than a President, I see him as a father, I love him like my father. A father who works hard for the future of his children. A father who makes sure our taxes are worthy to the single cent. A father who protects us from criminals. A father who doesn’t want us to be addicted to drugs. A father who helps his children in times of need, a father who mourns with us. A father na magagalit at mumurahin kung sino man ang mang-aalispusta ng kanyang anak. A father na kahit hindi mo katabi na hindi mo nakikita pero alam mong nagtatrabaho para sayo, sisiguraduhing may pagkain ka sa misa mo at magkaroon ng maginhawang buhay.”

Sarifa said he is aware people not understand him and fellow Duterte supporters for looking at President Duterte this way but he reasoned that just as how you love your father, that is the best explanation how the supporters of President Duterte feel towards him. “You will never understand us, but just as how you love your father ( Not unless hindi mo mahal ang tatay mo) that is how we feel towards our president. Kung wala ka sa layalayan at hindi mo nararanasan ang hirap ng buhay, you will never understand how we long for someone na mag-aalis sa amin sa lusak.”

Sarifa declared we never had a President who is truly concerned for the welfare of the Filipinos because other Presidents, it was all about them. “We never had a president who speaks for us, who fight for us, dahil dati it is all about them, not us.”

Sarifa asked a rhetorical question why he is doing this? What do he gets from it? He answered that as long as the President delivers his promises, takes care of the country, he is fine with it. “Why do I do this and what do I get from it? As long as the President delivers, as long as the President is making sure that my country is well taken care of and we have a bright future ahead he is more than worth fighting for. Our efforts are fully paid off.”

Sarifa ended the FB post with a stern warning to those who will mess with President Duterte. “So whoever messes with the president, will go through us. So if you f*cking curse our president then you get the wrath of his Children. I just don’t speak for myself, I speak for all of us who look at him as a father.”


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Source: Noel Sarifa

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