Bedan lawyer’s brilliant defense why President Duterte’s stance is not to confront China over WPS merits second look

Cebuano lawyer and former San Beda College of Law professor Bruce V. Rivera makes a brilliant case on Facebook defending President Duterte from bashers amid his refusal to confront China over territorial dispute in the Spratly Islands.

In a Facebook post with the title “ANG TSINA SA UN”, Atty. Rivera argues that the Philippines is helpless against China should we decide to heed the suggestion of critics to take our case against our superpower neighbor in the United Nations.

Why? China’s veto power in the Un Security Council renders us helpless.

Atty. Rivera cited the case of Diego Garcia, a territory in the Indian Ocean used by the US as a refilling base as starter. Diego Garcia is an island of the Chagos Archipelago, which is part of Mauritius.

Atty. Rivera writes:

“May kwento ako. Nuong Cold War, kailangan ng US ang refilling base sa Indian Ocean kaya kinuha nila ang Diego Garcia. Part ang isla sa Chagos Archipelago na parte ng Mauritius pero kinuha ito ng UK. So eto na, dumating na ang time na gusto na kunin ng Mauritius ang Chagos dahil sa kanila nga yun. Since 1967 until the present, ni hindi maipa-agenda ang Chagos issue sa UN.”

“Bakit?” Atty. Rivera asks.

“Ang UK at US ay permanent members ng Security Council na may VETO powers. Ano yun.” Atty. Rivera answers.

Atty. Rivera proceeds to explain what veto power means to knock some sense to the unenlightened critics.

“Ang veto power ay based sa Yalta formula na pwedeng i-overturn ng Big 5 ang isang matter. Kahit nga sa paglagay sa agenda as a non procedural issue ay naveveto nila. Kaya kahit anong ingay na ng Mauritius, tumulong ang China at India pati African states ay waley pa din. Unfair?”

Atty. Rivera calls this practice unfair or Lutong Macau in Pinoy parlance. He joked that it is better in Miss Universe because there is still a fight for the Top 5 but in the UN, the Big 5 are US, China etc..

“Yes, its so lutong Macau unfair but that is how the UN is based. Ang Miss Universe maglalaban pa sa Top 5, ang UN may Big 5 na. US, UK, Russia, China at France.”

Atty. Rivera called the attention of netizens by asking what happened to NoKor? And Pol Pot (Cambodia)? He proceeds to answer his own question.

“Tignan niyo bakit di nila mapulbos ang NoKor? Dahil may backer na China. Si Pol Pot di nila matanggal nung 1978 dahil ang US ang padrino.”

This leads to the ultimate question of Atty. Rivera: Can the US force the UN to enforce the UN Arbitral ruling in PH behalf? The answer is NO, says Atty. Rivera. Says PH can at least try but China can easily exercise its veto power. Guess what? The outcome is already a foregone conclusion. Philippines will suffer the same fate as Mauritius. Just like Ukraine is to Russian.

“So magtatanong tayo, eh yung UN Arbitral ruling ba, mapipilit ng US yan sa UN? Try natin. Pero dahil may veto power ang China at di sila mag-iinhibit dyan, we will suffer the same fate as Mauritius. Sure yan unless buwagin na nila ang UN na mapipilit nila ang China. Russia invaded Ukraine pero may nagawa ba ang UN? Wala. Kasi ang Big 5 ay powerful.”

“So sa mga nagagalit kay PRD sa sinabi niya na parang defeatish, ito lang yan,” Atty. Rivera addresses the Duterte critics for his reluctance in confronting China yet.

Atty. Rivera argues that President Duterte is just being realist and what he said was the honest reality sans the sugar coating. In history, no one has won against the Big 5 in the UN. He rattles off several names of countries that we can asks whether they have won their case in the UN against the so-called Big 5.

“Magpakatotoo lang tayo. Historically, wala pang nanalo against the Big 5 sa UN. Ask Tibet, Ukraine, Panama, Cuba, Chad, Mali, Libya, Mauritius, India, Iran, and so forth. Wala. And PRD has one year left. May pandemic pa at kulang tayo sa bakuna. What he said was the honest reality without the sugar coating.”

Atty. Rivera mentions the Sabah issue and yet he believes PRRD isn’t keen on confronting Malaysia for the same reason President refuses to fight China because he is putting the welfare of the Filipinos over seas and mollusks in WPS.

“And honestly, we have a Sabah claim na hindi natin sinasampal sa Malaysia so it is not far fetched that PRD will bite his tongue because he is thinking of the rest of the Filipino people above and over the seas and mollusks in the WPS.”

To critics who may accuse him of being a Duterte apologist, Atty. Rivera have a short message for them.

“So apologist ako? I do not give a rats ass. Wala ako sa gobyerno, wala akong nakuha galing sa gobyerno at sarili kong prinsipyo ang ipaglaban ang sa tingin ko ay dapat.”


Source: Bruce Rivera

ANG TSINA SA UN May kwento ako. Nuong Cold War, kailangan ng US ang refilling base sa Indian Ocean kaya kinuha nila ang…

Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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