Ben Tulfo’s unfiltered tirades against Loida Lewis, the Yellows and the two Aquino presidents

The “yellow bleeding hearts” Liberal do not know the meaning of OPPORTUNITY, from Cory Aquino’s time down to Benigno Aquino’s administration. Practically, they blew it all away!

The statement above summarizes the sentiment of Ben Tulfo’s Facebook post against the Liberal Party and Aquino’s whom he accused of wasting their opportunity to effect real change in the country while they were in power.

He said these people are either dumb or stupid for failing to know their days in power are overĀ and yet they continue to harbor ambitions of regaining power by asking for the resignation of the sitting president.

Let me go on further. The “yellows” do not know how to seize the opportunities that came along during their time, right on their faces. They are also known for their political incompetence, especially PNoy’s people. With special mention and with due “disrespect” to Abaya, Abad, Alcala, De Lima et al and their underlings.

Lucky enough, Mar Roxas did not make it to the top post. But his financier and supporter, billionaire, the “black widow” from New York Loida Nicolas Lewis is making ridiculous and funny demand, asking President Duterte to resign recently.

The fearless journalist blasts the Fil-Am millionaire backer of the Liberal Party for having the audacity to ask Duterte’s resignation in favor of VP Leni Robredo.

Loida Lewis’ stupid reason, Pres. Duterte promised 3-6 months to curb the drug problem in the country. Even went on accusing that Pres. Duterte is making lots of excuses that the drug problem in the Philippines is so deep and complicated. Shortly saying it, stop giving all these excuses, Pres. Duterte! Your time is up! It’s almost 6 months. Lewis wants Pres. Duterte to resign and hand over the presidency to VP Leni Robredo.

This “black widow” had the audacity to tell the Filipino people: Vice President Leni Robredo can do a better job by taking over the presidency from Pres. Duterte, as far as the war on drugs is concerned.

Lewis even declared, there will not be massive killings, and that the due process will be observed under Leni’s presidency. Can you believe all these crap?

I can just imagine the “black widow” rehearsing in front of the mirror, asking herself, “Will I be lucky enough to succeed if I fund billions of pesos to call for Pres. Duterte’s resignation? Can I do a better job by lying with a straight face about the “ouster” move which circulated recently?” All Lewis has to say, she wants Pres. Duterte to resign for not being able to deliver the promise within 6 months time, and just keep denying about the “ouster” move.

The fact is, this “black widow” named Loida Nicolas Lewis has all the money on standby, ready to make her move in 2017 by inciting the “millennial brats” to go out in the streets again and find some other reasons to start their move. Whatever it is, whatever it takes, to bring the “yellow” and their shit back into power again.

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