Between Trillanes and Zubiri? Netizen says he will choose Zubiri over #Trollanes. Read why!

It’s all over the news – Trillanes and Zubiri nearly traded blows after the intense debate over the Jack Lam bribery probe almost got the best of them.

Facebook user Franco Mabanta said it would be like watching a pre-puberty kid being attack by a bear. Senator Miguel Zubiri is the bear and Trillanes is the pre-puberty kid. Read below why!

This is too funny.

Obviously an actual fist fight would’ve never transpired, but if it did, it would’ve been a goddamn massacre — like a young boy pre-pubic hair trying to defend himself against a bear. Senator Trillines has NO IDEA the kind of fighter my bro Miguel Zubiri once was.

These anti-Duterte loonies keep (consistently) choosing the dumbest altercations. 😄

Senate Entertainment!

PS – Manny ain’t the only former world champ in the house!

“He’s not a world champion in arnis for nothing,” Bryan Castro agreed with the OP.

Oh dear… Migz would destroy him! I wonder what would have happened if he tried shutting off Migs’ mic!!!” Tiger Garrido expressed the sentiment with the two gentlemen.

Some netizens took a swipe at Senator Trillanes because of his senate antics.

“Hahaha. for a soldier who likes having all the office job versus being in the field, the Trollanes will probably be owned!” Cyril Aloysius A. Quinto wrote.

“I hope trillanes would try this with Manny. He might wake up seeing the floor,”  Rea Villafuerte Javier exclaimed.

Check out the video below and watch Migz Zubiri doing an Arnis Demo during the FMA festival in Palawan last July 30, 2010.

With Senator Trillanes’ background in the PMA and as a former military man, at some point in his life, he had received martial arts training in the military school. Here’s a glimpse of the senator’s martial arts training based on the video below.

Who would you pick between Zubiri and Trillanes if they agreed to fight? Please comment below to answer.

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