Beware: Botched kidnapping try in Antipolo City using “Dugo-Dugo” style uncovered

This is alarming! A 15 old girl from Antipolo City was at the center of a botched kidnapping try using a style resembling the “Dugo-dugo” scheme, but was foiled by a security guard.

In a report filed by 24 Oras field report Mark Zambrano, the 15-year old girl narrated that a guy named Michael called over the phone informing that her father met an accident.

According to KC, the caller told her to proceed to the Quezon City Hall. The caller instructed the girl to leave at once and not to inform her mother.

Then, the caller gave her a telephone phone number that she can call.

The girl then dialed the telephone number and talked to a man that sounded like her father.

“At first, I thought it was my father,” the girl recalled. And then the guy on the other end of line pretending to be his father said, “Anak, wag kang mag-alala. Ok lang ako,” said the girl. “Why are you speaking to me in Tagalog?” the puzzled girl asked.

She said the conversation was abruptly cut short as if the phone was taken away from the man pretending to be his Dad.

Fortunately, the girl did not receive any instruction to bring along valuables like jewelries, gadgets or money which typifies the modus of “Dugo-dugo” gang.

The girl told Mark Zambrano of 24 Oras that she borrowed money from a friend for the fare to proceed to the Quezon City Hall.

The girl asked the security guards from which office the phone number belongs to. Upon checking, it was found out there was no such phone number associated with any of the offices in the Quezon City Hall.

Aroused by suspicion, the security guards brought the girl to the police where the family was informed of the incident.

Turned out, the girl’s father was not involved in an accident. The girl’s family suspected it was botched kidnapping attempt of their daughter.

“Ang nakapagtataka dito, bakit alam niya ang phone number namin, alam niya ang real name, ang full name ng asawa ko,” the girl’s mother asked.

The mother then advised parents to tell their children not trust anyone they talk over the phone.

The family of the girl coordinated withe the Criminal Investigation and Detective Unit of QCPD for the filing of the blotter.

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