Beware: Lawyer exposes new scam, preys on OFW

A post exposing the harassment of an OFW at the hands of the Bureau of Immigration personnel at the NAIA is making the rounds online.

new modus at NAIA Immigration

Panibagong modus sa NAIA Immigration

In a Facebook post shared 1318 times of Sunday midnight, the older sister of the victim narrated the incident.

The post opened, “Guys, there is a new modus at the NAIA Terminal 3 after ‘tanim-bala’ victimizing my OFW brother earlier today.”

The post said his OFW brother was told by the Bureau of Immigration at the NAIA that he bears the same name of a killer from Bulacan in an apparent shakedown.

Stunned, but not shaken, the OFW gathered his wits and asked the BI personnel the circumstances of the case surrounding his namesake. The OFW reasoned out that he is not from Bulacan but hails from Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

“My OFW brother asked the BI personnel how was it possible for him to have several cases, if he has been out of the country as an OFW in Dubai for several years,” the post continued.

The OFW even showed his recent NBI and police clearances in possession to convince the BI people that they got the wrong guy but to no avail.

At this point, the attorney sister of the victim instructed him over the phone to snap a picture of the BI personnels, one bald man and two other ladies, and get their names.

“The BI personnels started to back down when the lawyer sister talked to her OFW brother over the phone,” the post reads.

“When I told my brother that I wish to speak to the airport immigration officer, the latter said there is no need since everything is ok now,” the post reads.

“You are thick-skinned! You have new modus lately. Thinking you can fool my brother makes me laugh!”

“Calling the attention of President Aquino because the thieves at the NAIA Terminal 3 Immigration are penniless,” the post said. “The crocodiles at the NAIA are active again.”

The post ended by asking the netizens to share it so that the travelers will know the new scam emerging at the NAIA Terminal 3.

By the way, a similar incident occurred a few months ago, employing the same tactic. Click the link here.

Source: Juliet Suarez

What can you say about this new scam in our airport?

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