Bicolano accountant, netizens reject calls for ceasefire to give Manny Pacquiao peace of mind to focus on Spence fight

Deputy speaker and Cagayan de Oro Representative Rufus Rodriguez has called on the critics of Senator Manny Pacquiao to observe a ceasefire and give the boxer turned senator a peace of mind while he is preparing for his fight against American Errol Spence next month.

“Sisfire?!” This is the initial reaction of Manny Pacquiao critic and US-based accountant/Bicolano blogger Edwin Jamora on calls for a ceasefire by the Congressman from Mindanao.

Jamora asked what ceasefire when Pacman was trying to do a demolition job. Just because Pacman and company has been pulverized, they are now calling for a ceasefire?

“Anong sisfire eh demolition job ginawa ninyo! Porke ba’t napulbos na kayo, sisfire sisfire?!”

Jamora reminded Pacquiao how he declared Digon is guilty of corruption but it turned he needs to check it? So what now? Have you checked it? Jamora asked.

“Ikaw nga dineklare mo guilty si Digong sa super corruption tapos i che check mo pa pala! Oh, pano? Na check mo na?”

Who hurriedly left the country after attacking Digong? Jamora asked Pacquiao. And now he has the gall to to ask for a ceasefire!

“Sino lumayas ng Pilipinas piktapos mong birahin si Digong? Tapos sisfire kang inanitan ka!”


As of this writing, Jamora’s FB post has generated 1,029+ reactions, 146 comments and 46 shares in just 3 hours and counting.

Here’s how Jamora’s react to calls for a ceasefire from Pacquiao’s camp via Rep. Rodriguez.

You started. It’s NO said a netizen. “inumpisahan niya! wala ng katapusan yan!! peace of mindvmuka nyo!!😂

One netizen remarked that Filipinos have every to be mad at Pacquiao because the people is paying for his salary but in return, he is always absent from his job. “May karapatan kaming mag aapoy dahil pera ng taong bayan ang pinapa sweldo kay Money absent ng absent aba aba aba!”

Peace of mind? To hell with ceasefire Pacman is the only one making money, said a netizen.

“Peace of mind? sya lang naman nagkaka pera dyan bahala sya sa buhay nya!”

To which another netizen agreed. “D nman mapupunta sa pinas mapapanalo nyang pera eh, gagamitin nya pangkampanya. Inunahan sya si PRRD and now that hes asked to provide evidence umalis para magtraining. Grabedin si pakyaw.”

Meanwhile, this netizen expresses his support for Pacman as a boxer but not as a politician. “Rooting for MP still. Come elections is a different thing. He really sucks big time in politics.”

“Magkahermes ba tayo?! Diba hindi naman,! Lintian!” asked a netizen in jest.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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