Bicolano vlogger to Duterte supporters, critics who call PBBMM “weak leader” – ‘PBBM grew up with the Master. He was trained from Day 1’

The Duterte supporters voted for PBBM in the last election because they want continuity of PRRD’s Build, Build, Build programs and to protect Duterte from the his case in the ICC are now beginning to regret supporting PBBM in the last election.

Do you know why? Because, aside from the reasons cited above, they want PBBM to emulate PRRD’s strongman persona but to their dismay, Marcos isn’t keen granting their wish.

But thanks to Marcos loyalist and Bicolano vlogger Edwin Jamora who wrote a reassuring words to counter whatever doubts the Duterte supporters who are now calling PBBM weak because he is not copying ex-PRRD’s strongman image in a Facebook post published recently. Here’s what Jamora wrote:

I saw friends asking PBBM to be a strongman! PBBM is weak daw. I disagree with them. PBBM grew up with the Master. He was trained from Day 1. He’s been in politics since birth. Besides, he is Machiavellian. That alone should give you comfort. Tse!

Netizens who read Edwin Jamora’s defense of PBBM against “weak leader” label has offered their own take on the issue.

One netizen shared what his Ilocanos friend told him about PBBM.

Sabi ng isang taga Ilocos, dati nilang Congressman si PBBM, he’s a silent doer daw. Kaya wag mangamba.

A second appealed to Duterte Diehard supporters to stop the deception.

Being gentle doesn’t mean PBBM is weak. Those who really voted for his leadership have full trust and confidence in him to lead the nation. Enough is enough to deceptions. 🐅💪💪✌️

A third said that PBBM is similar to his father, calculating but more cautious.

Lahat nang kilos ng mga marcos’s calculated yan… gaya ng patibong ni PBBM sa mga taga DA. Binigyan nya ng power para makita nya kung anu gagawin. Yung iba kasi REAcTOrS na vloggers e ma mema na lang. Parang si FEM din si Pbbm pero mas maingat na sya.

A fourth commenter shared what he read from a former general blogger who said PBBM is utilizing his Scout Ranger training in tackling the national issues.

A former general blogger says PBBM looks like he’s using his former training as a special forces scout ranger with stealth and deception instead of direct frontal attacks. One should also remember that Sebastian had been an USec of former Sec Dar. Nalusutan nila si PRRD kaya kala nila mas malulusutan nila si PBBM pero nabisto ang kanilang modus!


Source: Edwin Jamora

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