Big religious group dangled P300,000 worth of raffle tickets to entice members to join ‘Walk For Life’ in Luneta?

A post alleged that a big religious group held out incentives amounting hundreds of thousands of pesos to its members to attend ‘Walk For Life’ in Luneta.

MJ Quiambao Reyes, one of Duterte’s social media influencers, revealed that the incentives came in the form of raffle tickets worth 300,000 pesos to help its members which will be given during the event organized by the Catholic Church.

But how did the ‘Walk For Life’ event on Saturday, February 18 failed to gather impressive numbers, enough to send the message that the Catholic church influence is something not to be scoff?

According to Ms. Reyes, members of the big religious were disinterested to joining the said event as many of them actually like the President.

Check the full post below.

I learned over the years to see the good in every bad–and this is what I’ve recently seen:

A religious group (with a huge following mostly coming from the CDE) asked its flock to attend a church-sponsored event. Request daw kasi ni bishop. They needed to heed the call as they are under the church spearheading the said event.

Ang problema, their followers were not keen to joining the said event as many of them actually like the President. Thus, to ‘help’ their members, they promised to give away raffle tickets during the event.

Grand Prize: 300,000 Pesosesss!

Ui, di biro ang halagang yan sa mga members nila ha! and in fairness, malaking tulong din yan sa mananalo.

See, this religious group can easily gather a million or more members without the need for incentives or raffle tickets for a cause their members believe in. But for the first time, despite the huge cash prize, 99.9% of their followers here in NCR did NOT heed the call.


More than just having a principled leader in our President, parami ng parami na rin sa ating mga kababayan–regardless of social status & religious beliefs, can no longer be bought or easily fooled!

Yes! Tinutubuan na ang mga Pilipino ng prinsipyo! 🙂

Kudos to 99.9% members of the said group who stood their ground and chose NOT to#WalkForLies!

Do you believed this is true? Looking forward to reading your say in the comment’s section.

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