“Bigyan linaw natin yung issue ng DBP loan in relation to ABS CBN.” — Radio host Mark Lopez connects DBP loans of Lopez-owned companies to ABS-CBN

Radio host Mark Lopez’s Facebook article titled “BAYAD UTANG” attempts to connect the issue of DBP loans attributed to the Lopez group of companies to ABS-CBN.

Lopez (no relation to the ABS-CBN owner) clarified that the P1.6B loan that was written off by DBP was actually a loan incurred by four companies whose majority owners are the Lopez family, who also owns ABS-CBN. Lopez listed down the four Lopez companies and their respective loans from DBP.

Ang 4 na kumpanya ay:

A. Maynilad, na ang utang ay P710 Million.

B. Bayantel, na ang utang ay P592 Million.

C. Central CATV, na ang utang ay P207 Million

D. Benpres Holdings, na ang utang ay P158 Million.

Lopez remarked that the Lopezes borrowed money from DBP to establish the 4 above-mentioned companies, defaulted the loans and worse, have it written off. Wow!

Lopez credited the intellect of the Lopezes and the corrupt past administrations how they were able to carry out this scheme.

Of course dahil na rin sa talino ng mga hinayupak na yan, at dahil na rin sa corrupt na mga administration eh madali nilang naimaniobra yan.

Lopez agreed that ABS-CBN has nothing to do with the loans. Totoo na walang kinalaman ang ABS CBN as a company jan sa mga loan na yan.

However, Lopez stressed the issue of President Duterte with the Lopez family was how they took advantage of the government and together they embezzled the taxpayers’ money, and shamelessly use ABS-CBN to destroy the reputation of government officials or individuals that go against them.

Lopez wrote that as far as President Duterte is concerned, ABS-CBN has no right to own a franchise because they use their power as a broadcast network and media company to grow their influence over the public and take advantage of them.

Lopez recalled how the Lopez family made a fool of then Presidential candidate Mayor Duterte because they underestimated his winnability, his election campaign was sabotaged in 2016, using ABS-CBN as the medium to destroy him in public.

Si PRRD mismo ay biktima ng panggagago ng Lopez family. Dahil walang bilib sa kanya ang pamilya na ito, sadyang tinatarantado ang kanyang kampanya nung 2016, at naging kasangkapan pa ang ABS CBN upang sya ay siraan sa publiko.

Lopez said what ABS-CBN did in the 2016 election campaign was despicable because it was the only network who ran the political ads of Trillanes using children against Duterte.

Worse, they did not show Duterte’s ads despite paying for the air time.

Then, during the Presidential debate held in Pangasinan wherein even ABS-CBN hosted the event, Gabby Lopez disrespected PRRD, even during the photo-op with other presidential candidates.

Lopez reckoned that the defenders of ABS-CBN would ask if ABS-CBN woes started because of these reasons? Lopez said this is too shallow. He asked if Duterte is this vindictive?

Lopez wants to put it this way – the Lopez family found a good match in the person of President Duterte.

Lopez stated that President Duterte knew how the Lopez family run their business, how they became rich and influential at the expense of the Filipino people.

Lopez mentioned the numerous horror stories of the wickedness of the owners of ABS-CBN, and these are well-known in business circles and the financial community, in high society, in the labor groups, in the entertainment industry and even their kins and relatives.

There, Lopez remarked, the Oligarchic ways of the owners of ABS-CBN has been exposed. Now, the truth has come out how they manipulate the system, blatantly violating the law while doing it. These includes their abuses against their very own employees.

Lopez frankly said that the simplest explanation of ABS-CBN’s franchise extension troubles boil down because their excesses have reached it’s limits and it is payback time for the owners of ABS-CBN for their greed and deceit against the Filipinos.

Lopez ended the long FB post by leaving readers with these two sentences,

Si PRRD ang kanilang karma. And KARMA IS REAL.

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Source: Mark Lopez

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