Binay, Duterte and Poe are statistically tied according to the SWS February survey result

VP Binay, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Grace Poe are now statistically tied according to the latest survey conducted by the SWS survey and Business World.

SWS Feb result

VP Binay is still leading the SWS survey with 29%, followed by Duterte and Grace Poe getting 24% each. Mar Roxas, place 4th by getting 18% and Miriam Santiago got 4%. The survey was conducted before the start of the official campaign for the national candidates.

In an interview with GMA News, Leo Laroza of SWS explained why the February survey result is statistically tied though Binay got 29 percent compared to the 24% of Duterte and Poe.

VP Binay has lost some grounds while Duterte is bouncing back into the thick of things after experiencing a downward trend in the last survey by the SWS.

The total number respondents of the survey are 1200 verified registered voters.

Meanwhile, the VP race is getting tight as Marcos and Escudero received 26% each, followed by Robredo with 19% and Cayetano with 16%.

VP survey

Escudero is losing some grounds while Marcos, Cayetano and Robredo are making headway into their candidacy.

According to SWS, this is the first time that Marcos and Escudero are tied since September 2015.

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