BIR files tax evasion case against Rappler, netizens welcome news with “what a great day”, gloating comments

To add to the misery of news website Rappler, the BIR just announced the filing of tax evasion case against Rappler.

The Facebook page VOVph is among the firsts to break the news on social media.

On Facebook, VOVph lifted the juiciest part from the press release issued by the tax agency and writes:

“The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) on Thursday filed a P133 million tax evasion case with the Department of Justice against Rappler Holdings Corporation (RAPPLER), together with its President Maria A. Ressa and Treasurer james C. Bitanga.”

“They sued Rappler for attempting to evade or defeat tax and for deliberate failure to supply correct and accurate information in its annual income tax return (ITR) and value added tax (VAT) for taxable year 2015.”

The news has been getting mixed reactions on social media, but generally the mood can be described as “festive” to say the least.

Let us read a sample of the comments from Facebook in relation the news.

Nordie Silva WOOWWW. its a great great day!…..hahahahaha…. Si SERINO ang voting sa house of representative for impeachment is 38-2 Double good NEWS sarap pakinggan ……hahahahaha

Michael Paanud: What a great day!

Dej Rei: what a great day

Renan Segarra: “What a great accomplishment for BIR if it being paid the soonest.”

Isabelle Dror: “Wala na si rappler hay 😌 buhay nga namn ooh papaano yan Maria Ressa nga nga Kyo pti si pia nakuh mamayat ng maigi si pia, yan kc against Kyo ky duterte akla nyo kc habang panahon nakaupo si panotzi, wala ng LP lubog na sa putik”

Cristeto Lacorum: “Press freedom na naman daw yan, nga nga ka ressa aswang.”

Your thoughts?