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Bishop’s endorsement of a commie senate, OtsoDiretso bets draws flak, netizen calls it ‘scandalous’

A Facebook post calling a Catholic Bishop’s endorsement of a communist senate bet ‘scandalous’ circulates online.

Netizen Marvin Isodore Macatol took to social media to post one’s resentment though with regrets versus Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo’s message to Catholic faithfuls to campaign for Neri Colmenares, a leftist politician, running for a senate seat.

Bishop Pabillo batted for OtsoDiretso bets and re-electionist Senator Grace Poe to counter the money and political machineries that traditional politicians are using.

In a Facebook post dated April 26, 2019, a remorseful Macatol told Pabillo that only the Pope can direct him to vote for Ocho which he said is very unlikely.

Obeying Pabillo’s partisan political call is against everything he learned from the Church, particularly, his endorsement of a communist bet, calling it scandalous.

Macatol wrote that Bishop Fulton would turn in his grave if he knew that a Filipino Catholic Bishop is campaigning for a communist candidate.

Bishop Fulton was a Catholic Bishop who passionately warned the US against ay alliance with the communist USSR during WWII.

Macatol also emphatically told Pabillo that everyone in OtsoDiretso is not acceptable.

Macatol ended the FB post by challenging Pabillo to take of his robe and run for public office like everyone else as a way of respecting democracy.

I’m very sorry Bishop Pabillo — but only the Pope can direct me to vote for Ocho whatever, and I’m pretty sure he won’t.

Heeding your partisan political call is against everything I’ve learned from the Church! More specifically, your endorsement of a communist is scandalous! Bishop Fulton Sheen, who passionately warned the US against any alliance with the communist USSR during World War II, would turn in his grave.

Everyone in Ocho whatever is in my “NO WAY NOT NOW NOT EVER” list on May 13. You, along with your coercion and spiritual blackmail, cannot change that.

Please consider taking off your Bishop’s robe, participate in politics like the rest of us, respect democracy.. and run for the Senate in 2022. That’s the right thing for you to do.

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