Black propaganda against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte intensifies; the mayor dismisses this as baseless

Days before the filing of the certificate of candidacy, the opponents of Mayor Rodrigo Rodrigo are shaking in their boots so to speak even if the popular Mayor of Davao is still noncommittal of making a run for the Presidential election next year.

Obviously, the political opponents of the Mayor are monitoring the social media and the developments on the ground. It is no secret that thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life are urging, asking and begging Mayor Duterte to run for President. People nowadays are scared of the rising criminality brought about by a combination of several factors such as poverty, illegal drug trade, joblessness and uninspired police leadership.

How scared are they? Well, the black propaganda against Mayor Rodriogo Duterte intensifies to destroy his corruption-free image in the eyes of his followers and the undecided voters. Here’s one proof below.

Demolition job against Duterte

But Mayor Rodrigo Duterte quickly dismissed the timing of the accusations from the Commission on Audit that he hired 11 thousand ‘ghost’ employees in 2014. He said that if indeed he is doing something illegal, why only now when the COA is holding office in the Davao City Hall?

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said on his weekly television show “Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa” that he hired those high volume of city cleaners and garbage collectors to maintain the cleanliness of a big city like Davao.

Mayor Duterte defended the hiring of thousands of garbage cleaners and collectors by asking this, “You don’t expect plantilla workers to collect garbage, do you?” Plus, the city cleaners and garbage collectors works in three shifts.

In addition, Mayor Duterte created the SCAAs (Special Civilian Active Auxiliary) and pays soldiers for intelligence gathering purposes. Intelligence gathering cost money because this is a dangerous job mind you. That’s the price to pay in maintaining peace and order.

By the way, why the hiring a huge number of people that cost the city more or less 700 million pesos? For the uninitiated, Davao City has a total land area of 2,444 square kilometers. Compare that with the total land area of the entire Metro Manila, which stands at 638.6 square kilometers and I hope by now you have an idea why the need to hire those people.

The Commission on Audit suggests that the absence of guidelines by the Davao City government for the hiring of contractual workers makes it vulnerable to patronage politics.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte countered that as the head of the local government, it is within his prerogative to hire contractual workers to maintain peace and order and keep his city clean.

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