“Blatant case of POLITICAL harassment, FAKE NEWS”— GMA News analyst on social media post accusing him of violating traffic law

GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian is up in arms on Facebook after a social media post, starring him and his dog earned him a public scolding from LTO-NCR.

Heydarian caught the attention of the LTO-NCR following his FB photo showing him driving a car while his dog was also behind the wheel.

Heydarian captioned the photo: “Someone wants to drive instead,” followed by emojis suggesting he was loving it.

LTO-NCR called the attention of Heydarian on social media by posting the screengrab photo of his FB post, in a tone that clearly reprimanded the GMA News analyst that such kind of driving could result to accidents and therefore, a violation of the law.

As soon as Heydarian was alerted of the LTO-NCR FB post, the GMA News resident analyst wasted no time and slammed the said social media post, calling it political harassment and fake news.

Heydarian called out the DDS, whom he accused of reporting his FB post to LTO-NCR while claiming that he did not violate any traffic law since the car was parked, stationary and the engine off.

Heydarian remarked that posting without proper investigation and jumping into conclusion is wrong, shameful and in violation of his basi rights.

Heydarian described the act as “slander and irresponsible black propaganda.”

Heydarian warned he will file a case against the perpetrator unless he will correct his mistake.

You may read Richard Heydarian’s full FB post below.

Blatant case of POLITICAL harassment FAKE NEWS by whoever at LTO – National Capital Region social media posting this nonsense:

Dear Ka-DDs, the car is obviously legally PARKED, STATIONARY, with ENGINE OFF. There is NO MOVEMENT, as obvious in the clear, undistorted background. Safe driving, and abiding by the law, has been a paramount pillar of my life.

To post this WITH NO proper INVESTIGATION, and jumping into CONCLUSION with NO DUE PROCESS is WRONG, SHAMEFUL, and a VIOLATION of my basic RIGHTS. This is clearly a case of SLANDER and irresponsible BLACK PROPAGANDA.

I sincerely hope you correct this mistake lest I will take necessary legal measures against whoever irresponsibly posted this directly from shameless propagandists!

May God forgive you for your lies and ill intentions, and all the harms you cause innocent people!

On my part, I shall never post something like this again to avoid misunderstanding and make sure kawawang picasso will not be politicised too!

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