Blogger exclaims, “Thank God for Promdi Kanto Boy Duterte” after China run to Duterte’s defense. Read why!

So Beijing just gave UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein a tongue lashing for suggesting President Duterte to see a psychiatrist?

According to the Philippine Star article dated March 13, 2018, Lu Kang, spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that the Duterte government has “won great approval and extensive support among the Philippine people.”

“Anyone without bias can see that President Duterte has made positive efforts since assuming office to combat drug-related crimes as well as terrorism, develop the national economy, and improve people’s livelihood, which have effectively protected and promoted the Philippine people’s fundamental rights to security and development,” Lu continued.

Lu ended the Beijing statement in a high note and said:

“The international community, including the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, should look at the outcome of the Philippine government’s campaign against illegal drugs and terrorism in a “comprehensive, unbiased and objective way.”

If you asks, what is the meaning of this?

Well, according to Krizette Laureta Chu, China running to Duterte’s defense is not something that the UN and UN High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein can simply ignore.

Why? Because China is China.

Remember, China is one of the 5 permanent members of the UN with veto power. Not to mention its economic clout being the largest economy in the world?

If China says no, say, when choosing a new Secretary General, the remaining 4 permanent members of the UN cannot do something about it.

That’s how awesome China’s influence in the world stage.

Doubt it? I suggest you read Chu’s post below and she’ll explain it to you in a clear manner that even a Grade 5 student understands without difficulty.

China has never defended another country before, according to my doctorate studies in INTERNATIONAL CHISMISAN 101. Cheret.

The fact that China strongly defended Duterte from that careless, bumbling UN chief who says our President needs to take a psychiatric evaluation is something that should make the chararat UN chief take a pause. (KING INA NYA ANO. Sovereign country tayo ganyan nya tayo pag salitaan. Bruno, ang latigo!)

The defense is even more weighty because China almost never makes pakialam. It’s a very Chinese ugali. See: Kashmir and Myanmar.

China is only one of five countries (ang iba ay US, France, Russia, United Kingdom) that are PERMANENT MEMBERS of the UN and only one of five that has veto power.

What is VETO power? Mag research na lang kayo at baka ma threaten si Sass Sasot sa akin pero one of the more important powers is that any of the five countries can BLOCK the selection of a secretary general. O, di ba. Pag ayaw ni China ang selection, wala. (OO, wala tayong veto power. Akala nyo lang meron, pero wala wala wala.)

Also, nung 1971, sabi ni China kay Taiwan, you can’t sit with us, so the UN had no choice but to expel Taiwan. POWER.

China, US (under Trump), and Russia are now Philippines’ beshies, thanks to Papi Duts. So far, the UK and France have not been aggressively active in calling out Papi Duts and his war against drugs.

OF ALL the 5 countries, China has used its veto power least. Chill chill lang si Ahia, kaya pag nag salita sya, mas may audience impact. Mas nakakakaba. Mas motoroy.

Naiintindihan ba nila ang audience impact 80 percent ng words na, “Duterte is chenes doing his best in his country’s war against drugs” said by the country na pinagka uutangan nating lahat? The country that is now considered the second (if not the top) economy?

Si China yung Tita mong pag nakialam sa buhay mo, shut up ka na lang kasi may utang yung Tatay mo sa kanya ng pampa aral sa yo? GANON. Utang ng US sa China 1.35 trillion dollars (latest list sa tindahan.)



Yan ang tinatawag sa probinsya na kanto boy politics. Pag maliit ka, barkadahin mo at utu-utuhin yung malalaking mga tambay para hindi ka gulpihin ng ibang malalaki. Pag maliit ka, you need your wits, because you don’t have anything else. Thank God for Promdi Kanto Boy Duterte (na binarkada yung mga siga.)


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