Blogger Noel Sarifa tells Dilawans to stop grabbing credit of Ampatuan conviction, says credit should go to President Duterte & Justice system. Read why!

Netizen blogger Noel Landero Sarifa is disgusted at some Dilawans grabbing credit for the justice given to the victims of Maguindanao massacre on Facebook.

Sa mga nagkicredit sa mga yellow sa justice for Maguindanao, please give credit to whom it is due.

In the Facebook post, Sarifa he is taking this opportunity to thank President Duterte, not just the justice system.

Eto ang dahilan bakit ko pinapasalamatan si President Duterte, hindi lang ang Justice system.

According to Sarifa, it was President Duterte, who was then Mayor of neighboring Davao City, who helped borrow a helicopter to search for the massacre site as told by Mangudadatu, now a Maguindanao Congressman.

Duterte, who was then mayor of neighboring Davao City, helped borrow a helicopter to search for the hilltop massacre site, said Mangudadatu, now Maguindanao congressman.

Gunmen were still digging shallow graves using backhoes when the helicopter found the site, which prompted them to flee, Mangudadatu recalled.

Kung hindi nagpahiram si Mayor Duterte noon, si Presidente, (hindi mahahanap) halos walang traces na makita. (If President Duterte did not lend a helicopter then, we would not have found them (massacre victims), almost no traces were left behind. Mangudadatu said.

Sarifa recalled what Mangudadatu also said during media interviews that President Duterte also told him that he wants to have a verdict this year (2019), which indeed happened and justice has been served to the victims of Maguindanao massacre before 2019 ended.

Mangudadatu also believed that with President Duterte’s help, justice has prevailed in the country.

Sinabi din ni Mangudadatu na nagsabi si Pangulong Duterte na gusto nyang magkaroon na ng verdict ang kaso ngayong taon. Hindi naman nabigo si Mangudadatu at nagkaroon na nga ng hatol ang kaso bago pa matapos ang taong 2019. Naniniwala din sya na sa tulong ni President Duterte, mangingibabaw ang hustisya sa ating bansa.

Sarifa declared that President Duterte’s political will made the Maguindanao case resolved in 2019. Sarifa also credited President Duterte’s action why there were evidences, corpses dug, without President Duterte, probably the victims would have been forgotten and until now, the families of the victims would still be looking their missing loved ones.

It is Pres. Duterte’s political will who made this case resolved within this year. It is Pres. Duterte’s action kung bakit may ebidensya, may bangkay na nahukay, kung wala sya, malamang nabaon sa limot ito at until now pinaghahanap pa rin ang mga nawala.

Sarifa ended the FB post with a short message to the credit grabber to keep quiet and step aside because it not his or her recognition. Besides, the convicted were Dilawans, and they can call them their own, alone.

Mga credit grabber, keep silent and step aside. It is not your recognition, and besides Dilawan yang convicted, yan pwede nyong akuin. Inyong-inyo yan.


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Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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