Blogger raises questions on Manny Pacquiao’s PCU college diploma, dares boxer’s camp to produce someone to attest he attended classes

asking just the same…

This is the title of of FB post of a blogger named 1dangkal ni JP who had the courage to question Manny Pacquiao’s high school and college diplomas in connection with the claim of the boxer turned politician that he is now taking up masters.

1dangkal ni JP remarked that Pacquiao’s PCU college diploma smells fishy.

“The new rumor is that Pacman is taking- up Masteral courses. The truth is, it is Manny himself who is spreading this rumor. How can one take- up masters when one has not even finished high school? Wikipedia tells us that he allegedly got a high school diploma by passing an equivalency exam in 2007 then he announced that he got a degree from PCU in 2021 (this year) thru Karen Davila’s blog. I smell something fishy- do you?”

To satisfy his curiousity, 1dangkal ni JP issued a dare to Manny Pacquiao’s camp to produce someone who can testify, that he or she has been a classmate of his in college to once and for all remove any iota of doubt on his claims.

“So the dare is this- produce someone who can attest that Manny attended classes and actually finished a course from Philippine Christian University? We are not saying this is a lie (yet)- but please pass on to find anyone who has actually been a classmate of Manny in a 4- year course! Anong course niya? Hindi naman tayo mapapahiya kung may makapag verify diba? Maliliwanagan tayong lahat!”

1dangkal ni JP remarked that if we questioned the Wharton diploma of a senator, how much more is Pacquiao’s diplomas? He asked who was the dumb professor who gave Pacquiao passing grade in recitation or even in attendance?

“Kung yung Wharton diploma nga ng isang senador noon ay kinukwestiyon… ito pa kaya? Sinong bobong propesor ang magpapasa neto sa recitation o attendance man lang?”


Source: 1dangkal ni JP

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