Blogger to Arnold Clavio: ‘What kind of ethics did you have—journalist covering a victim whom he victimized even further?’

Schadenfreude! If there was someone feeling vindicated and happy at the same time, in light of the scandal starring Arnold Clavio went viral, it must be Krizette Laureta Chu of the Manila Bulletin.

‘Good morning, how are you to find out,’ Chu began her FB post.

Chu wasted no time and called out Arnold Clavio if the Sarah Balabagan confession recently that she sired his kid is also fake news? Chu remarked that Sarah was lucky that Clavio’s wife already forgave her which Chu said was just right since Sarah was only her teens, very vulnerable after a traumatizing event when it happened.

‘Ito ba Igan, eh, fake news? Binuntis mo daw si Sarah Balabagan when she was only 17 years old when you were covering her. Buti na lang daw your wife forgave her, sabi nya. I mean, dapat lang, she was only 17 years old at that time, very fragile after a traumatizing event.’

Chu questioned the kind of ethics Clavio have — a journalist covering a victim whom he victimized even further?

‘You took advantage of a minor, so I don’t think anyone had the right to not forgive her? Ikaw yung dapat nawalan ng trabaho. What kind of ethics did you have—journalist covering a victim whom he victimized even further? And for how many years you got away with it??’

‘Tapos maka morality ka ano?’ Chu asked.

Chu recalled when Clavio called her fake news for an FB post about Clavio leaving social media, which she clarified she was merely sharing the post of Clavio’s friend. Clavio mentioned about leaving socmed after he was caught lying about the pile of bodies in EAMC. Chu warned Clavio of callingher fake news on this by first calling a tabloid and Sarah Balabagan fake news.

‘Tapos tinawag mo pa akong fake news for posting about you leaving FB which I just shared from a friend of yours (whom you never called out for fake news), after you LIED about the patong patong dead bodies in EAMC. Baka sabihin mo fake news ako with this ha. Sabihin mo muna fake news ang Remate at si Sarah Balabagan.’

Chu recalled how not so long ago Clavio launched a media blitz to discredit her and when she called him out on socmed, Clavio never gave her the courtesy of a reply.

‘You went on a media offensive calling ME fake news on Pep and GMA, and when I called you out on FB and IG for calling me fake news, you never gave me the courtesy of a reply. I tagged all your colleagues pa, to clarify. Because I was not going to let you get away with lying and making me look like I was, just so you could divert the anger of the people from your blatant lie about those dead bodies in the hospital.’

Chu asked Clavio if he realized how indecent and pathetic his media blitz against her which she said was obviously a squid tactic so he could get away with his “dead bodies” story?

‘Do you realize how indecent and pathetic that diversionary tactic was? Picking on me so that I became the fake news and you could get away with that “dead bodies” story? A grown man your age resorting to tactics like this?’

Chu remarked that if Clavio can lie about the mother of his child, he can about anything. And that include labeling people fake news and what not.

‘And if you could lie about the mother of your child, you can lie about anything. Including labeling people fake news, and patong patong dead bodies in the hallway of a hospital.’

At this juncture, Chu argued that a hypocrite and a liar like Clavio have no place in the media anymore.

‘You’re a hypocrite. And a liar. Your credibility is so shot you shouldn’t even be in media anymore.’

Chu ended the FB post by expressing her gratitude to God for letting her watch evil people get their punishment and public unmasking of their true selves.

‘Thank You God for letting us watch as these people who are evil get their comeuppance and unraveling of their real selves.’

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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